A Letter From Urbanist Hanoi

Hanoi ơi!

Urbanist Hanoi started in 2018 as a sister site of Saigoneer, the well-established culture magazine based in the south. The idea at the time was that Urbanist Hanoi would continue what Saigoneer had been doing so well: telling stories of people, places, food and culture — the only difference was the geographical focus.

The teams behind Urbanist Hanoi and Saigoneer are one and the same, and after four years of being on separate sites, Urbanist Hanoi is coming home. Starting from this month, all content from our website will transition to Hanoi-specific sections on saigoneer.com. This change won’t affect how we produce content in any way: our Hanoi-based team members will continue to tell stories, review street food, and marvel at our home city’s many charms, as we have always done.

For readers, see you on Saigoneer’s social media and website — now in both Vietnamese and English! Here is where to find Hanoi content and other goodies on Saigoneer:

On the Saigoneer website:

  • Ngõ Nooks: Our series of Hanoi street food and coffee shop reviews.
  • Hanoi Heritage: Where we reminisce over old photos of bygone Hanoi, famous historical sites, and more.
  • Hanoi Stories: Updates on the city's development, current affairs, and other social changes.
  • Hanoi Events Calendar: What's cool and interesting in town? Find out here.

Follow us on Facebook @saigoneer, on Twitter @saigoneer, and on Instagram @saigoneer.en!

Overall, we are excited for this change, and this opportunity to play on one team, so to speak. This unification means our articles can reach a wider audience, and we hope you will discover stories that you otherwise may have missed. It is with sadness that we say goodbye to the name Urbanist Hanoi, but at the end of the day, no matter how we publish, we are just grateful to be doing what we are doing: telling stories about this land that we love.

With gratitude,

Linh Phạm
Managing Editor, Urbanist Hanoi