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Grill Bar: Charcoal Cooking with Vietnamese Flavours

If you’re a fan of barbequed meats and seafood, you should check out the recently opened Grill Bar, a few meters behind Ben Thanh market.


Saigon’s quang gánh (street) food - Part 1

It seems that in the UK and Europe, street food has taken off like never before. Everyone has their own reasons: it's cheaper; it's a refreshing change from the boredom of chain restaurants and it gives people the feeling that they are directly supporting their local businesses and community. 


Tableside Mixology at Martini Bar HCMC

The Martini Bar is a hidden jewel for those of us who, every now and then, like to spend time with friends and colleagues in an classy joint while enjoying a well prepared cocktail, spirit or glass of good wine.

Located on the third floor of Caravelle Hotel, the Martini Bar is one of those great places that’s right in front of you but often goes unnoticed.


The Deck: Jewel Along the River

The Deck has been an institution in HCMC for those of us who enjoy great food, top service and a luxurious and sophisticated environment.

Chef Adrian Scott, who is also behind the iconic Mekong Merchant, has created a new fusion menu to delight all of us who like simplicity in life but complexity in wines and fine food.


Vietnam is Turning into a Country of Yogurt Addicts

At the rate yogurt is gaining popularity in Vietnam, it soon may be the preferred currency in the black market.

According to VietnamNet, the Vietnamese yogurt market is expected to reach VND12.4 trillion in 2013, up from VND5.7 trillion in 2012. This two-fold increase has made yogurt the rising star of the Vietnamese dairy industry.


Phở-Flavored Cocktail Makes Its Debut. Seriously.

Pho is a universally adored dish (yes, even aliens love it), a melody of simple ingredients that yield abundantly complex flavors. Bottom line - it's goddamn delicious. So it's no surprise that people across the world have attempted to put their own spin on the traditional soup. There have been pho burgers, pho salads and now, a bar in Philadelphia, US, is serving up a pho cocktail.


La Creperie: Brittany's Best in Saigon

Brittany is a very particular region in Northwest France, well known for its cider and especially, its great food.

The region’s unique culture, heavenly landscapes and earthy food far outweigh its notoriously bad weather. La Creperie in District 1 is an example of the delicious dishes that this region can offer.


French Charm and Passion for Freshness at Ty Coz

Do you like French food but are a bit tired of the same food, the same style, in the same environment? If on top of this, you love genuine customer service in an environment reminiscent of someone’s home in France, then you must try Ty Coz.


Enjoy a Luxurious Sunday Lunch with Family and Friends

Restaurant Nineteen is located in the ground floor of the Caravelle hotel in District 1, an ideal place for people and families to get together and enjoy a “lazy” Sunday with top quality food and great service - without having to break the bank to do so.


French Passion for Food and Wine at Dong Khoi 38

38 Dong Khoi Wine bar and restaurant opened its doors a year ago in the heart of Saigon where it has been making food a wine lovers happy ever since.

This French wine bar, that serves amazing food, focuses on the wines of Bordeaux (France) as reflected by its wine list where around 60% come from that region, most of which are exclusive and can’s be found anywhere else in Vietnam. In its dark cellar, one can find wines ranging from the inexpensive but delicious, to famous ones like Chateau Margaux 2002 or Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2007, that you can order at the bar or to take away (with a 25% discount on bar prices).


Deliciously Sweet Oc Huong

As we continue to rifle through the hundreds of entries on John Russack’s street food blog, Down the Street and Back Again, he suggested we take a look at Oc Huong, sweet snails, one of his favorite dishes.

On a hot and steamy day, John and his friend were strolling around District 1 looking for shelter from the heat. An Oc (snail) restaurant called out to them with the promise of cold beer and seafood.


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