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Saigon’s Worrisome Air Quality and What You Can Do About It


The dark haze frequently draped across Saigon’s skyline exemplifies one of the most serious problems the city faces: air pollution.


∗9999’s World-Class Ambulance Services Save Saigon Lives

Few people are aware that Saigon has an affordable, world-class emergency ambulance response service offering state-of-the-art treatment that begins the moment a call is placed from anywhere in the country.


Reasons for an Extended Exploration of District 7

Sweet smoke from chili-slathered strips of juicy beef spills onto the streets and rises into the leafy trees that cast shade on the wide sidewalks.


The Importance and Evolution of Mooncakes During the Mid-Autumn Festival

Like most holidays, the origins of Tết Trung Thu, or Mid-Autumn Festival, remain clouded by myth and uncertainty.


MyStorage: A New Kind of Storage Service in Ho Chi Minh City

Those already familiar with the concept of self-storage may be imagining decrepit, maze-like converted warehouses with row after row of nondescript steel doors that are more akin to a prison than a safe place to keep one’s valued possessions. 


Exploring Six Decades of Luxury at the Caravelle

When discussing Saigon’s many historic buildings, the Caravelle certainly deserves a mention thanks to its iconic design and the many important events that have taken place in its rooms and lounges. As the luxury hotel celebrates its 60th birthday, it’s worth exploring what makes it elicit a glimmer in the eyes of people of a certain age when they hear it mentioned.


Indulging in the Natural Splendors of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc’s rapid rise in popularity has come, in part, thanks to people’s desire to escape claustrophobic cities and their accumulation of traffic, construction noise and hectic routines, and connect with nature.


Stellar Steakhouse: The Skyline Restaurant That Specializes in the Details

Winning formulas can be tough to change. It would be easy for a restaurant as established as Hanoi's Stellar Steakhouse to rest on its laurels. That is not, however, the style of Nicolas Plateau, Head of Food and Beverage and Executive Chef at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72. Nicolas, or ‘Chef’ as his colleagues refer to him, is constantly striving for change. Whether it’s in his food, dinnerwear, or even the physical menu, he looks for innovation in each aspect of the restaurant.


The First Italian Afternoon Tea Arrives in Saigon


Vietnamese have been drinking tea for thousands of years, and the act fulfills important roles at a variety of formal and informal events.


Scenery, Serenity and Luxury Combine at Banyan Tree Lang Co

When it comes to Vietnam’s booming tourism sector, so much attention is paid to new attractions, tours, theme parks, cable cars and entertainment options. These offerings appeal to those who view vacation as a time to explore, seek adventure and chase thrills, but plenty of others look forward to time off as a chance to simply rest and recharge. Banyan Tree Lang Co luxury resort caters to this crowd by offering complete privacy and luxury in a serene locale.


Art and Creativity at the Core of Social Club’s New Menus

When people think of masterpieces, they don’t immediately imagine soft, floral-laced fragments or a perfectly blended drink but carefully crafting aromas and tastes is truly an art form.


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