Tê Tê Electrifies Saigon with New IPA

Since its debut less than two years ago, Tê Tê Brewing’s namesake Belgian White Ale has become a Saigoneer favorite thanks to its bright, refreshing taste perfectly suited to Saigon’s perpetual summer.


The Future of Saigon’s Housing on Display at De La Sol

Architectural design inspired by a piano, guitar and chimes

Vietnamese consumers have fallen in love with the concept of shared economies, as evidenced by the success of co-working spaces, ride-sharing apps and crowdfunding initiatives that finance charities and art projects.


Experience Casual Luxury at the Embassy Saigon Lounge

As Vietnam’s average income skyrockets, people are increasingly able to indulge in luxuries once only dreamt of in Saigon.


Discover Live Music and Rare Beers at Pasteur Street Brewing Company’s New Locations

Raucous drum kicks and furious guitar licks elevated the familiar Vietnamese pop song “Tinh Don Phuong” into a live banger.


One Student’s Advice on Getting an International University Scholarship

More students in Vietnam are opting to attend international high schools, which prepares them to study at some of the top universities around the world.


Cham Villas Boutique Luxury Resort – An Oasis of Serenity by the Beach

Lounging on a shady veranda surrounded by birdsong, or reclining on an expanse of pristine sand that stretches into the cool ocean without another soul in sight – few daydreams are more enticing than what it would be like to own a private seaside getaway. Thanks to their immaculately maintained grounds, carefully arranged rooms, and Western-tailored restaurants, Cham Villas in Mui Ne provides the experience of seclusion and serenity of a personal vacation spot to its visitors.


SOHY Harnesses Fire, Earth and Metal in Their New Dining Room

Our planet, which began as a ball of primordial goop and evolved into a savage snarl of wilderness, has since been transformed by humankind through the taming of several basic elements including earth, fire and metal.


Amanoi: Luxury and Seclusion in the Heart of a National Park

Like turtle shells breaching shimmering shallows, giant ochre boulders rise from tufts of green bushes and trees on the mountains overlooking the East Sea in south-central Vietnam.


From South Korea to Vietnam and Hong Kong: A Student’s Inspiring Educational Journey

Han Bin Kim has taken an unusual path to university.


Jardin Des Sens Serves as Ambassador for French Gastronomy in Saigon

French influence on Vietnamese cusine can be seen in the crispy baguettes and cured meats used in bánh mì, hearty beef served in bowls of phở, and creamy bánh flan, amongst other dishes.


Project X at SSIS: Innovative Learning in Action

A marble clinks down a shoot and knocks over a row of books that jostles paint-smeared brushes across a canvas before tumbling down a series of dominoes that release a wedge from beneath the wheel of a skateboard with a rider that proceeds to scoot across a stretch of paper, leaving behind streaks of color.


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