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What in the world is going on here?

Godzilla peeks above the horizon before Thanh Hà sings the first line of 'Sài Gòn Đẹp Lắm,' and viewers realize that this music video is not going to be a familiar collage of 1970s Saigon street scenes. Rather, people walk through fish tanks, jet-skies zipping down flooded streets, children swim in coffee phin's, a jet drops Tetris pieces, a rocket ship bursts into the clouds, a rocking horse joining in on a derby, a giant duck floats beside a road and a football game breaks out in a rice field.

You'd be forgiven for questioning how high the person who envisioned the scenes was unless you watch through the end as the song fades into the background and the inspiration for the absurdity becomes clear. 

The video was written and directed by Bone Ho and produced by iFocus. Ho reveals on his Facebook page that he self-financed the project which took nearly a year to plan and two days to film. His page also has a great behind-the-scenes video that reveals how he was able to put together some of the creative effects. 

Watch the whimsical clip below:

Video via Bone Ho's Facebook page.