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Giang Còi, Hanoi's Beloved Actor and Comedian, Passes Away at 59

Last night, beloved actor Lê Hồng Giang, commonly known by his stage name Giang Còi, passed away after months of battling with cancer.

Giang was born in 1962 in Hanoi. He graduated from the University of Theater and Performing Arts. He was most famous for his comedic roles, especially with fellow actor Nguyễn Tiến Quang as the duo Quang Tèo and Giang Còi on weekend comedy special Gặp Nhau Cuối Tuần or Gala Cười.

In January this year, Giang was diagnosed with throat cancer. In a conversation with Vietnamnet, the comedian stayed positive, saying: “Everything has its end. My illness too, will be over. But whether it be a happy ending or a sad one, that is another matter. If I go to the hospital for sure I will leave someday, through the front door or the back.”

By May, the illness took a turn for the worst. Giang had to fight metastatic cancer and cirrhosis at the same time. Money became a problem too, as he had lost his voice and can no longer work. Tiến Quang and fellow actress Đinh Trà My put out a call for support to friends and fans to help their friend.

Giang left behind four children. In his will, he asked to be buried with a cigar, his guitar, his favorite song, and a round of applause from loved ones in lieu of goodbyes.

[Photo via Nguoi Noi Tieng]

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