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[Photos] On the Street in 1970, From Saigon to Vung Tau

Since Vietnam made helmets compulsory for every trip on motorbikes years ago, it’s hard to imagine a time when this trusty headgear wasn't a part of daily life. Which makes these photos of Saigon, taken in 1970, all the more fascinating.


Street Cred: Phan Dinh Phung, My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather

An unassuming street named Phan Dinh Phung runs through Saigon’s Phu Nhuan District. It is named after a Vietnamese revolutionary who led rebel armies against French colonial forces in the 1880s and 1890s. He is also my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.


[Photos] A Flight Over Da Lat in 1968–1971 Before the Tourism Boom

If you’ve taken a trip to Lam Dong within the last few years, these scenes seem like a distant dream of a sparsely populated and verdant Da Lat that’s engulfed by nature.


[Photos] Scenes in 1964 Saigon, Ben Tre, Bien Hoa on Film

In 1964, Saigon’s Phu Dong Roundabout didn’t feature the towering bronze statue of folk hero Thanh Giong. Instead of the congestion hot spot the intersection is known as today, it was actually spacious and airy, with nary a shop or bubble tea parlor in sight.


[Photos] A Tourist-Free Hoi An of the 1990s by Photographer Doi Kuro

Witness the casual atmosphere of central Vietnam more than two decades ago. 


[Photos] Rare Scenes of a Rebuilding Seoul After the Korean War

While Seoul may now call to mind sleek skyscrapers whose neon lights resemble the bioluminescent tentacles of benthic sea creatures, that wasn't always the case. Following the savage civil war that left the country in rubble, the city underwent an arduous rebuilding process.


[Photos] The Joy and Hardships of Life in 1963 Binh Phuoc

Binh Phuoc Province, located on the Vietnam-Cambodia border and known as two separate provinces, Phuoc Long and Binh Loc, in the 1960s, was an important site for many battles during the American war.


[Photos] Vintage Stamps From 1950 Depict Tourist Sites in Indochina

As if prematurely nostalgic for a colony that was rapidly slipping through their fingers, France issued a set of stamps focused on their Southeast Asian territories.


Quoc An Temple, One of Hue's Oldest, Is Dismantled for a New Structure

Citing deterioration of the roof and wooden main structures, Venerable Thich Minh Chon moved forward with a major renovation project on his temple, Quoc An, in Hue.


[Photos] Travel Through Time to Singapore in the 1960s

There used to be a time when the sights and people of Saigon and Singapore didn’t look too dissimilar.


[Photos] Memories of 1966 Saigon in 11 Film Photos

Have you ever wondered why a fascination about old images is encoded in our blood? Tattered family albums, tiny Polaroid shots, a roll of undeveloped film — these have great potential to surprise us with vivid reminders of how quickly things change and how transient the subjects of our past were.


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