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[Photos] Hiding From the Heat at Cong Hoa Swimming Pool in 1965

Saigon’s most famous swimming pool is perhaps that of the Cercle Sportif Saigonnais, a huge sporting facility on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai that was built in the 1900s for the city’s rich to frolic in every weekend. For residents living in Tan Binh District, however, northwards of the Cercle Sportif, the Cong Hoa Swimming Pool was the real icon of their childhood memories.


[Photos] The Life Semi-Aquatic With 1968 Can Tho

When it comes to old photos of Vietnam, Saigon - as one of the country’s leading tourist destinations in the 1960s - always dominates in terms of volume and variety. That makes this set of photos of Can Tho, taken by William Ruzin in 1968, all the more precious.


Plan to Rebuild 134-Year-Old Nam Dinh Cathedral Sparks Public Outcry

One of the oldest, most impressive cathedrals in Nam Dinh Province is about to be rebuilt due to disrepair.


[Photos] On the Cusp of a Tourism Boom, a Pristine Sapa of the 1920s

During the last decade of the 19th century, French colonists occupying northern Vietnam (then Tonkin) decided to conduct a census survey on the region’s ethnic minorities. The first convoys reached Lao Cai Province in 1898, and in 1903, Sapa Village was put on the map of Vietnam for the first time.


[Photos] A Child Wedding of Tay Ethnic Minority in Lao Cai in 1920s

The rare set of photos depict a wedding ceremony in the 1920s between young members of the ethnic minority Tay people in Bac Ha District of Lao Cai Province.


[Photos] Vintage Tourism Posters Showcase Past Vietnam's Natural Landscapes

If you’ve never been to Vietnam before, would these colorful vintage poster entice you to book a ticket?


[Video] Rare Newsreels From 1930 Show Harsh Realities of Life in Colonial Saigon

In an extremely rare collection of disjointed clips, Saigon in 1930 appears like the setting of a haunting fever dream.


[Photos] The Small-Town Placidity of Hue in 1966

Neat perpendicular lines of trees that make up the Imperial Palace grounds, the meandering Perfume River hugging central Hue, clusters of red-roofed houses like tiny Lego pieces scattered across a bed of green: the aerial view of Hue in the 1960s evokes a sense of small-town placidity.


From Botany Institute to Amusement Park: The Evolution of Thao Cam Vien Sai Gon

Local parks such as the Jardin d’Espagne and Jardin de la Ville, now Tao Dan Park, were a focal point of Saigon’s early urban development. But no green space carried such significance as the Jardin Botanique et Zoologique de Saïgon, the colonial moniker for Thao Cam Vien Sai Gon.


[Photos] 16 Rare Images of 1900s Vietnam as Part of French Indochina

In a mishmash of sketches and grainy photographs, Vietnam’s landscapes in the 1900s feels almost surreal.


[Photos] 13 Black-and-White Shots of Saigon in 1962

Badass girl power, young love and vintage cars: the streets of Saigon in 1962 seemed much cooler than they are today, when pavements weren't riddled with debris and construction sites.


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