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[Photos] An Egret's Eye View of Saigon in 1969

Experience an elegant egret's vantage point of the city circa 1969.


[Photos] The Laid-Back Life in Saigon and Bien Hoa in 1965

Take a look at this gallery of photos that showcase Saigon and Bien Hoa in 1965 and pay homage to decidedly more quiet versions of the bustling cities.


In Binh Duong, This Ficus-Motorbike Entanglement Is a Local 'Celebrity'

Who would have thought that neglect and general wear and tear could result in a wonderfully weird local attraction?


[Photos] Same as It Never Was: Saigon in 1968

Pedestrians dodging traffic on colorful streets, squatting vendors tending baskets stuffed with fresh fruits and sunlight splashing lethargic afternoons along the vier – these photos from 1968 contain many of the scenes that contribute to modern-day Saigon's unique character.


[Maps] A Brief Cartographical History of Hanoi in 1873-1936

How was Hanoi in the late 19th century different from its current state?


[Photos] Take a Day Trip to Vung Tau Half a Century Ago

For some residents from Saigon and other southern provinces, Vung Tau has always been a sleepy tourist town that’s perfect for a weekend away, but not much else. However, if these photos of the town in the late 1960s are any indication, Vung Tau also had a vibrant local life that’s usually hidden away from the eyes of tourists.


[Photos] A Stroll Around 1969-1970 Saigon

Take a stroll through Saigon in 1969-1970 thanks to these black and white photos.


Date With the Wrecking Ball: The Former Secretariat du Gouvernement Building, 59-61 Ly Tu Trong

The project to build a new City Administration Centre behind the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee involves the destruction of several heritage buildings. The art deco office and apartment block at 213 Dong Khoi was demolished in mid 2014 to make way for a “faux colonial” extension to the 1909 City Hall, and now, after several changes of plan, the old French government building at 59-61 Ly Tu Trong has also been condemned to destruction.


[Photos] Life on Saigon Streets in 1971 Through the Lens of an American Soldier

If you were born when these photos were taken, you would be 47 years old now.


[Photos] Sri Thendayuthapani Temple: The Architectural Footprint of Tamils in Downtown D1

Saigon used to be home to a modest but vibrant Indian diaspora. Despite being an integral part of the city, their history often went off the records.


[Photos] A Day in the Life of Saigon's Apartment Dwellers

When I arrived here ten years ago, I lived in the Eden Building, until it was destroyed to put in yet another shopping mall. Escalators and lifts in this mall are at a standstill. The corridors are now inhabited by a receptionist who no longer welcomes anyone. Cleaners are busy cleaning already-clean tiles, while guards stand ready to open the door for a customer who never comes. 


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