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[Video] Finding Solace at Saigon's 'Shutterbug' Hẻm Cafe

Editor's note (August 3, 2018): It is with heavy hearts for us to inform you that Tiem Ca Phe Sai Gon Hem was permanently closed in July. However, we feel incredibly lucky to have captured these moments at the cafe last year and hope to one day see another incarnation the endearing 'shutterbug' hangout in Saigon. Have a look at our video about the hẻm cafe recorded last year below.

Just take a short stroll on any street in Saigon, and one can spot the signs of a robust coffee culture everywhere: on the sidewalk, in fancy outlets of foreign café franchises, and up high in rickety apartment buildings. Today, Saigoneer takes a closer look at one such quirky hangout, Tiem Ca Phe Sai Gon Hem, a quaint coffee shop deep inside a hẻm on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.

Upon arriving at the Sai Gon Hem, passersby are greeted by a leafy canopy of lush vines, wooden stools and a rare sense of calm that can, at times, elude other hangouts in the city.

Sai Gon Hem is not only a good spot to grab your caffeine fix for the day, but also a paradise for Saigon’s shutterbugs to browse art books, exchange camera tips, or simply shoot the breeze over their latest street photography shot.

Learn the story behind Tiem Ca Phe Sai Gon Hem through a video feature by Saigoneer below:

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