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Hanoi–Saigon Becomes World's 6th-Busiest Flight Route

The Hanoi–Ho Chi Minh City route moved No. 6 in the study of world’s busiest air routes in 2018, reported by British aviation analysis company OAG.


Born in California, a Vietnamese-American Returned to Vietnam. This Is What She Saw.

My parents are originally from Vietnam and came to the United States as refugees after the war. I was born in Orange County, California, where many Vietnamese people who came to America made their new home. When I was growing up, my mother forced me to learn Vietnamese and to participate in cultural traditions, but she never wanted to visit Vietnam because of the pain she felt from having to leave her homeland. I am ethnically Vietnamese, but I was born in America; I have always felt this gave me a dual identity. I yearned to go back to Vietnam to explore my roots and culture.


[Illustrations] Your Favorite Saigon Street Snacks as Seen in Pixel Art Form

Saigon’s street snacks always look mouth-watering in any form.


Serious Play: A Conversation With Award-Winning Poet Duy Doan

A lion cub’s tussling, teething and roughhousing represents not simply play for play’s sake, but instead, training for a life of stalking, pouncing and throat-gashing; and so it might be with the poems in Duy Doan’s book, 'We Play a Game.' Whether relying on Vietnamese’s linguistic intricacies or the detailing of soccer matches and boxing bouts, the games presented are not mere recreation but reflections of the complicated, brutal, beautiful facets of the human condition.


[Illustrations] A Graphic Design Project Inspired by Ancient Champa Seductresses

Apsaras are supernatural female beings who appear in many works of ancient arts in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.


Myra Tran, Vietnamese Contestant of American Idol, Eliminated at Top 40

With a powerful voice and bright stage presence, Myra Tran had potential to realize her American Idol dream and do Vietnam proud. Alas, that dream was cut short even before the finalists were announced.


A 60-Year-Old Trash Chute Is Saigon's Latest Most Checked-In Place on Instagram

Editor's note: Happy April Fools' Day! This article was part of Saigoneer's 2019 April Fools' Day celebration. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the writer’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.


Saigoneer Podcast: Listener Mailbag

Happy April Fools' Day!


The Return of Krossing Over Arts Festival: Deeper, Bolder, Wider

Now in its third edition, the Krossing Over Arts Festival begins later this week and is expanding both in scope, with more events planned, and reach, as Hanoi is now on the schedule as well.


'The Song of Kiều' Is the Newest Addition to Penguin Classics Series

Originally written in Nôm script and lục bát (sixth-eighth) verses, Nguyen Du's epic poem Truyện Kiều has always been a quintessential reading for many Vietnamese across generations.


[Video] 2016 Documentary 'Xẩm Đỏ' Is an Ode to Vietnam's Last Xẩm Singer

Ha Thi Cau was born in 1928 and has been singing xẩm, a type of Vietnamese folk art often performed by blind artists and accompanied by đàn nhị or đàn bầu, since she was eight years old.


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