Càfê RuNam

Information provided by the proprietor: Coffee is one of the most popular drinks the world around but while westerners often tend to associate it with the Italian coffee tradition, here in Vietnam it has its own culture and it has been playing an important role in social activities and gatherings for almost a century.

So what happens if you couple up the two coffee traditions - Italian and Vietnamese?

Càfê RuNam (the name loosely comes from a traditional Vietnamese lullaby song for young children) has been working on making this culinary marriage happen, that is applying Italian technology to Vietnamese coffee.

The objective of RuNam is to create a high quality product that proudly consists of local coffee beans but, by using Italian toasting machines and grinders, the flavour of the coffee is smoother, less bitter and creamier.

The company has a close working partnership with one the biggest coffee processing companies in Vietnam, Pacorini, which guarantees a high standard of processing. Càfè RuNam is one of the few Vietnamese roasting using a processing company in order to have the highest level of coffee beans quality.

Following all the steps from the beginning of RuNam, the passion and attention to details that the team has put into it is astonishing, not only the creation of the coffee, but also how it is presented to the customers. Each different type of coffee is served in its unique cup to enhance the colour, aroma and texture to deliver a truly multisensory pleasure.

Their approach to creativity is also evident in the company’s interest and future commitment to art. To showcase their opening of Càfê RuNam, they picked Rob Whitworth who has become well known for his award-winning time lapse video of Saigon

Càfê RuNam offers a wide range of coffees, homemade desserts (designer cupcakes, cheesecakes, tiramisu) and canapé food inspired by the a la carte menu. 

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