Saigon’s Animal Cafés

With so many of them around the city, street side cafes have lost some of their cool factor, not to mention the fact that I’d rather not inhale motorbike fumes while enjoying my daily caffeine fix. Sure, you could escape to the confines of Trung Nguyen or Highlands, but why not spice it up a bit with – Animals?


Jazz Age Cocktail Tasting @ The Observatory

From the organizer: Let’s all go back to the roots of drinking culture this time with The Obsevatory’s cocktail night. We sure haven’t forgotten how great it feels to have a well made Bronx, a Ramos Gin Fizz or even a Daiquiri in perfect measure so let’s all recreate your first-drink-moment with an exotic twist! Think chamomile, ô mai (Vietnamese candied apricots), fermented apricots, passion fruit! All Asian flavours! So dress up like you’re in the Jazz age as we’ll be moving back to New Orleans, 1905!


15 of Saigon's Best Hidden Coffee Shops

Saigon, known for its coffee culture, offers many different environments where one can grab a cup of joe. However, sometimes we crave something a bit more comfortable than plastic stools but don’t want to waste our hard-earned cash at the big chains.


Cocktail Tasting: Phase 1 @ The Observatory

From the organizer:

Turn on your taste buds because this is going to be dizzyingly delicious! Our chief mixologist and bartender-extraordinaire Danny St. Louis is hosting what will be The Observatory’s first cocktail tasting event. This will be a great opportunity to sample some truly unique alcoholic combinations and discuss them either seriously or lightheadedly with their creator. So join us for a chic and elegant night with good drinks, talks and palate cleansers in between!


Dunkin’ Donuts Prepares to Open in Saigon

Watch out, Starbucks, there’s a new coffee chain coming to town. Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s leading coffee seller is preparing to open its doors in Phu My Hung in the next month.


Wine: Deciphering the Label

When we pick up a bottle of wine, the first thing we usually check is the label, however, is it any useful to do so? The right answer is, it depends.


Another Side of Saigon Nightlife - deciBel Lounge

It seems that there are finally changes afoot  in Saigon’s night and social life. When I arrived in Saigon few years ago, the only choices available were to get drunk, listen to live bands that were “forced” to play mainly commercial covers or spending the night in bars that tend to look alike. Nothing wrong with this, except for me the all scene was missing…well, for lack of a better word, ‘soul’.


Tableside Mixology at Martini Bar HCMC

The Martini Bar is a hidden jewel for those of us who, every now and then, like to spend time with friends and colleagues in an classy joint while enjoying a well prepared cocktail, spirit or glass of good wine.

Located on the third floor of Caravelle Hotel, the Martini Bar is one of those great places that’s right in front of you but often goes unnoticed.


Gustave Lorentz Wines Make Their Vietnamese Debut

A few weeks ago, the Wine Warehouse invited Mr. Pascale Schiele from Gustave Lorentz - one of the most famous producers of wine in Alsace - to present some of their wonderful wines to the Vietnamese market.

The Lorentz family, which has been producing Alsace wines since 1836, now concentrates on maintaining and accentuating the quality and reputation of its Alsace wines which are known throughout the world (available in about 55 countries with an exciting network in the Asia/Pacific region).


Wine in Vietnam - Part 1

This is my first article of what I plan to be a series related to wine and wine tasting in Vietnam.

I am mad about wine and I would love to share with you what I like, what I don’t and some information about how to taste wine, for those of you who are starting to appreciate the nectar of the gods.


All For Wine and Wine For All

Offerings from the Wine Embassy.

District 1 has recently welcomed the Wine Embassy, a real paradise for both wine lovers and those who want to learn more about wine.


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