New Report on Vietnamese Online and Mobile Trends

The market research firm, Cimigo, just completed their most recent report on Vietnamese online and mobile trends. The numbers revealed that consumers are becoming increasingly engaged online.

The study included 5,800 people and spanned across 12 cities. Here are some of the highlights:


Rolls-Royce Coming to Vietnam in 2014

Apparently Mercedes, BMWs and Bentleys aren’t enough for Vietnam’s growing upper class. But not to worry! Starting next year, British luxury carmaker, Rolls-Royce will set up shop in Vietnam.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars general director, Torsten Muller-Otvos, is confidant his company will successfully enter the Vietnamese and Nigerian markets in 2014: “I’m strongly confident to say we will open our agencies in Vietnam and Nigeria next year.”


Nixon’s Plan to Nuke His Way out of Vietnam

B52 Stratofortress Taking Off. Source: US Government

Remember that time Nixon gave orders to drop nukes on Moscow to end the war in Vietnam? No? Well neither did I until I came across this article written by University of Wisconsin History Professor, Jeremi Suri.


Who Does Hoi An Exist For?

Ancient houses, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and plenty of places to take long strolls have given Hoi An a reputation for being one of Vietnam’s most charming destinations. But as the number of foreign tourists has exploded, there are some who remember the “old Hoi An” and want nothing to do with the new one. These were the feelings of Barbara, writer of the Dropout Dairies, who just published a post titled, “What the Hell Happened to Hoi An?” where she complains about the town's noise, tourists and commercialization. But Hoi An is a paradox - these complaints stem from the same root that has helped to preserve the old houses and culture. Simply put, the cultural heritage displayed in Hoi An has been carefully tailored to the tastes and nostalgias of foreigners.


How Vietnam’s Rich Earn Their Millions

Two words: Real estate.

Citing an unnamed report, VietnamNetBridgefound that nearly 30% of Vietnamese millionaires made their money from real estate investments and development.

As living standards began to raise in the early 1990’s, the first wave of local businessmen, who made money abroad, began investing in local properties. With Vietnam’s economic boom, real estate values skyrocketed.


Hanoi Train Travels Though Narrow Gap Between Houses

Just as in Saigon, Hanoi is a dense city where, outside of downtown, little attention was paid to details like infrastructure planning. This can result in some impactful visuals such as this video of a train traveling through a narrow alley.

The train makes its way through the tight path every day at 4pm and 7pm, barely clearing houses and motorbikes. As there have been accidents in the past, residents seclude themselves in their homes as the train passes by.


A Look at Vietnam's Love Hotels

Walk through any urban public space in Europe, South America or the US and chances are you’ll encounter a young couple doing…couple’s things. Public spaces are an escape from the oversight of family and parents, who, no doubt, would disapprove of their shenanigans. But, in Vietnam, public displays of affection are generally taboo. So where do couples (and cheating husbands) go to spend alone time?


Vietnam's Ancient Villages Face Serious Problems

Vietnam realized long ago that its ancient villages and towns would be big hits with foreign tourists. Over the last 15 years, the country has rushed to protect its historical heritage by anointing some locales as national relics and others as UNESCO world heritage sites. With these titles come tight restrictions on land use, building and repairs which can make things a nightmare for locals who don’t have the funds to work within these constraints.


Vietnamese Celebrities Flaunt Their Wealth

It’s no secret that for most in Vietnam (and most of the world for that matter), success is measured by accumulation of wealth. For the country's celebrities who live in the spotlight, showing off their expensive cars and jewelry is a necessity for creating and maintain their image. But in a country where the average GDP per capita is $1407, these ostentatious displays of wealth are rubbing some people the wrong way.


A Brief Look at Catholic Funeral Rites in Saigon

For me, as most of us non-nationals living here in Saigon, the word funeral only evokes ideas of dreadful sounds emanating from a tent set up halfway in the street and haltering the flow of traffic. They can be bad enough to drive by, god forbid having one posted outside your own window. Three days of disturbances can seem like an eternal punishment at times. There is, of course more to the story than just making noise, as it can tend to seem sometimes.


Forget the Fockers, Meet the Nguyễns

Meeting the girlfriend’s parents is an intimidating experience in any culture. So what’s the best way to add even more awkwardness to an already awkward situation? Meeting the parents of a girl from a different culture, of course!


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