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[Photos] A Hybrid Studio in Da Nang Where Business and Pleasure Mix

For many young Vietnamese creatives, establishing a home-based business where one can both relax in familiar comfort and further one’s career is the ultimate aspiration.

After construction on their new home was completed, a young couple in Da Nang managed to accomplish just that with a three-story abode that houses both space for personal accommodation and a photography studio. The project finished in 2018 on a plot spanning 75 square meters, accessed via a 2.5-meter-wide alley.

The project was designed by the minds at Saigon-based architecture firm D1. They were given the brief to create a hybrid building featuring a work area for a photographer, a studio for showcasing visual portfolios and a display for wedding dresses and suits, in addition to a living quarter for a couple and future children.

The result was Olwen Studio, which has three floors and stands out from surrounding tube houses. The first and second floors are dedicated to their wedding photography business, outfitted with workstations, vanities for makeup and racks of bridal gowns and suits. The second floor is separated from the third floor, where the family lives, by a crimson spiral staircase in front of the house.

Have a look at the home studio below:

[Photos via D1 Arch]

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