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Stunning Nha Trang Hotel Features Vertical And Indoor Gardens

Nha Trang is a beautiful city but its hotels are typically boring and resemble those found across Vietnam. Despite the name, the recently constructed Hotel Golden Holiday Hotel, designed by Trinhvieta-Architects, is a piece of architectural art, highlighted by a vertical garden.

From the architect. Located in the middle of the most crowded tourist center of Nha Trang, Vietnam, the hotel was designed to be a model of tropical city hotel to enjoy the seaside weather and healthy botanical environment of Nha Trang.

The site inherits its Vietnamese typical commercial site’s proportion which is 8.5m wide and 22m long with only front side and back side can have openings. Natural sunlight and ventilation were taken in the design by introducing a center void (12-story high) throughout the vertical in the middle of the hotel. This void ensures the natural lighting and ventilation condition of the internal spaces in order to minimize the use of artificial lighting and air-conditioning and contribute to reducing energy.

Botanical facade was designed to take advantage of the Vietnamese tropical weather with tall trees average 3m high and scrubs at their feet planted in balconies of the facade. These high trees vertically connect upper and lower floors to create the continuity of the facade. Not only the guests but passengers passing by can enjoy the freshness of the tropical country by this vertical botanic garden. This also contribute to the greenery of the area. As for internal spaces, small scrubs are stacked around the center void to create another vertical botanic garden separating the common corridor with the center void to prevent the privacy of the guest room area. The void becomes a intermediate spaces between guest rooms and common area.

T-shaped pool is located in the top floor and maximized the width connecting the water surface of the pool with the ocean. Plumeria trees are planted in the line between the pool and the ocean to create the tropical atmosphere for the pool area.

Materials are local and low cost. Natural Stone and wood were harvested from the mountain in the area. Cheap Labour cost allowed us to have the hollow Concrete Blocks originally handmade.

Hotels in Nha Trang had been constructed continuously since the boom of tourism in the area lately. With the concepts of “Enjoying the local tropical weather”, “Using natural Energy” and “Maximizing the local potential of labour, materials, etc”, the project is hoped to be a new prototype of such kind of hotel in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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