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One Night In Saigon with Korey David @ Eddies D1 Diner

Korey David is stand up comedian and actor based in Denver, CO. This psychedelic loving ex-Mormon works out his angst on stage from growing up as the black sheep in an ultraconservative household.
He has performed at High Plains Comedy Festival, Alaska b4udie Fest, Vail Comedy Festival, is a regular at the world famous Comedy Works in Denver, and appeared on Netflix and Adult Swim.
Hosted by Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes Comedy, with support from local favourites Wanye Westt and TBD.
200,000 VND per ticket.
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Seven Million Bikes,
Host Niall Mackay (SCO)
Inspired by his comedic heroes, Billy Connolly and Bill Hicks Niall will make you laugh at being a Scotsman abroad, life in Vietnam and anything else in between.
He has been entertaining people since 2019 through the podcasts Did That Really Happen? & A Vietnam Podcast while hosting and performing comedy shows across Vietnam, recently doing a 3-night tour in Central Vietnam and opening for International Comedian Joe Vu.
“Niall wins his audiences over with a charming presence and funny jokes and songs! He has a hilarious point of view as an expat and world traveler!” - JK Hobson
Wanye Westt (AUS)
Gaining inspiration from Flight of the Conchords, Axis of Awesome and Tri-Pod, Wanye Westt combines music and comedy together, covering a range of topics including his love for Maccas, losing his virginity and getting down and dirty with your mother.
Tao Do
Tao is a fresh new import comic from Hanoi who was a finalist in the 2022 Vietnam Comedy Competition. He uses the universal language of laughter and English to relate to things that are often either invaluable or unvaluable in his life.

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11th Febuary, 2023


Eddies D1 Diner | 73 Pasteur, Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City,