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Presenting Local Suicide [Bordello A Parigi - Berlin] @ The Observatory

 LOCAL SUICIDE are a DJ duo based out of Berlin who specialize in delivering a dirty disco-like sound that fuses a lot of what can be called ‘local’ influences into the universal qualities of music that make people dance. That may sound a bit obscure, and it is. It’s also very fun and packs a heavy punch on the dance floor. 


NYE After Party @ The Observatory

 NYE is almost upon us, and for the occasion we've designed a party that's starting late and going long.


Thursday Openair Cinema Xmas day movie: The Interview @ Saigon Outcast

From the organizer: Dave Skylark and producer Aaron Rapoport run the celebrity tabloid show "Skylark Tonight." When they land an interview with a surprise fan, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, they are recruited by the CIA to turn their trip to Pyongyang into an assassination mission.
9.5/10 IMDB


Saigon Ranger X UFO: "BALL DROP" Party - NYE 2015

Ladies and gentlemen of Sai-town, the time is here – the time is now. Well, actually it’s not here yet, but you can still feel the vibe of holidays coming right? So how you gonna party up this New Year Eve - inhaling the street’s dust and smoke, or exhaling the extremely fun and great music with us? 


Standpoint Theories [Vietnam Edition Featuring Lê Cát Trọng Lý] @ Cargo Bar

From the organizer: A collaborative international project focused on building a graphic novel of six vietnamese legendary myths by using the means of dance, Vietnamese text, live visual art/3D mapping and live electronic music fused with traditional Vietnamese music.


Saigon Urban Flea Market @ Saigon Outcast

From the organizer: Tet is coming and our 2nd edition of Saigon Urban Flea Market couldn´t miss this occasion. Do not miss this opportunity to buy the TET gifts for your family, friends and your beloved!


Christmas Eve @ The Cube

From the organizer: It's Christmas time!!! These are the first Christmas for The Cube Bar Saigon and, as the tradition says, this is a time to share with the family. So instead to make just a night party we have decided to have a family night with all of you, our beloved customers, The Cube's family!!


Screening Of "Why is Yellow the Middle of the Rainbow" + "Far from Vietnam" @ Saigon Ranger

From the organizer: This special screening will showcase two films by cinema greats of the ‘Third Cinema Movement’ a movement that began in Latin America in the 1960s/70s denouncing neocolonialism, the capitalist system and the Hollywood model of producing cinema for mere entertainment.


Vietnam Creative Festival @ 3A Alternative Art Area

From the organizer: As a role of a connecter between creative entrepreneurs who work in Creative Industries and social, Creative Entrepreneurs Network (CEN) cooperate with Lai Studio, 3A Station and Freeland to organize Vietnam Creative Festival (VCF). With a very first experience model, we aim to an annual event to support entrepreneurs in this industry to meet, interact and share their valuable experiences.


Storytelling Drawing Bootcamp @ Trị An Lake

From the organizer: Storytelling Drawing is not only about painting courses or storytelling but also to experience the art platform and connect with the world.


Merry Christmas / Happy New Year! @ OMG

From the organizer: Special occasion = Special OMG! Menu


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