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Cơm Tấm Crisis: Price of Pork Dishes Increases as Pork Shortage Hits Saigon

Back in July, it was predicted that Vietnam's recent African swine fever outbreak might cause a pork shortage that could last until 2020.

According to Thanh Nien, in recent months, pork prices have been increasing in all of the country's three major regions. On the morning of November 25, the wholesale price for pork in southern Vietnam fluctuated between VND74,000 and VND75,000 per kilogram.

More expensive pork cuts such as short ribs and pork belly are priced as high as VND280,000/kg and VND185,000/kg, respectively, in some supermarkets, such as Aeon Tan Phu. This makes short ribs in certain places even more expensive than beef.

Because of these increases, many eateries and street vendors in Saigon have started charging more for pork dishes. Tuoi Tre reports that many places have increased their hủ tiếu prices by VND3,000 and added VND5,000 to cơm tấm, while pork rib soup can now cost as much as VND40,000, compared to previous prices of VND35,000. Some bánh mì places have started putting less meat and sausage in their sandwiches to offset the trend.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade warns that during the months at the end of the year and January's Tet holiday, the country will experience a 200,000-ton pork shortage. The ministry recommends importing and finding alternatives to pork.

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