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Adorable Stop-Motion Video Shows How to Prepare for Tết With Art and Craft

Rarely does preparing a traditional Tết meal put you at risk of papercuts.

The folks at Yen Tran Stop Motion Studio, however, probably faced such dangers when making this charming video focusing on quintessential Lunar New Year dishes. The channel created whimsical versions of familiar festive items including bánh tét, pickled onions and spring rolls with colored pencils and markers and recorded them being prepared and consumed.

What really brings the video to life though is the sounds accompanying the cooking, plating and eating. Make sure you listen with headphones on to hear the actual sounds of fish sauce being poured, chopsticks hitting the rim of a bowl, and food being munched on. The contiguity between playful two-dimensional depictions and real-world noises creates a delightfully disorienting experience akin to touching a hot ice cube. 

Take a look at the video below, and if you enjoy it watch Yen Tran's similar video focusing on decorating one's home for the New Year and other playful papercut-tempting videos dedicated to Vietnamese culture.  

[Screenshot via Yen Tran Stop Motion Studio YouTube page]

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