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A major series of events dedicated to photography will be available to Hanoians interested in the craft starting this month. 

The Photo Hanoi ‘21 project, by the French Institute in Hanoi-L’Espace, was established with the hope of connecting the public with the diverse aspects of photography, as reported by VnExpress

The event, running from May until mid-June, consists of various exhibitions, seminars, and workshops hosted at many of the capital’s cultural centers, such as the Matca Photography Space, Lai Xa Photography Village, and the Vincom Contemporary Art Center.  

Taking part in the project are nearly 30 renowned photographers, visual artists, and creators, including photographer Lam Duc Hien, artist Prune Phi, photographer Philippe Marinig, and so on. 

Not only does it promote thoughtful conversations about the art of photography between local and international photographers, Photo Hanoi ‘21 also presents the various practices of capturing and displaying photographs — all to tell the story of the multi-colored world. 

“Artistic skills will never be completely replaced by machines, no matter how sophisticated these machines become,” said Thierry Vergon, the Director of L’Espace, to VOV.

“These projects, exhibitions, and workshops reveal the talent, skills, and unique vision of the artists, allowing the mere act of capturing to become a work of thought — that is the outcome of a thoughtful process. The Photo ‘21 project will remind us that there is an author behind every photo.”

Photo Hanoi ‘21 is highlighted by six exhibitions: "The Mekong - Stories of Man" by Lam Duc Hien (exhibiting at L’Espace); "Secret Moments of Maikos" by Philippe Marinig (exhibiting at The Japan Foundation); "The Time Has Come to Rekindle The Stars" by Punk Dragon (exhibiting at Matca Space for Photography); "Format & Unexpected paths: Views from Europe" by various artists (exhibiting and VCCA); and finally, "Toque Blanche" by various artists (exhibiting at L’Espace).

[Photo via Facebook page Photo Hanoi]

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