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Indie Meets Classical in a New Rendition of 'Tôi và Em' by Pink Frog

In the company of three violins, a cello, and a double bass, Pink Frog delivers a version of ‘Tôi và Em’ that is even sweeter than the original.

The video is the third installment in the series Classical and More (CAM) — a project by 8 the Theatre aiming to combine classical music and indie songs. Pink Frog said of the video that he had wanted to sing with an orchestra for a long time, and this was the chance for him to grow and explore new possibilities.

With CAM, 8 the Theatre hopes to provide a playground for musicians to be creative while also bringing classical music to young listeners. The project is currently in its first phase, with MVs featuring Pink Frog, Kiên and Nguyệt Hạ. To produce these videos, the team is relying on the community's support with a crowdfunding campaign. The second phase is coming later this year with live concerts in Hanoi and Saigon.

Check out ‘Tôi và Em’ below:

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