Interview with HCMC MEGA City Organizer - Part 1

Dr. Michael Waibel, along with Hilbert Henning, have launched the TP. Ho Chi Minh - MEGA City project to visually document Saigon’s rapid urban development. The project is currently being assembled and the authors are seeking submissions. For more information, click the link above.

We spoke with Michael about the motivation behind the project which has both personal and academic roots for its organizers.

Here is part 1 of the interview. 


Famous Japanese Rockers to Play Saigon

Looking to an alternative to the typical Saigon music scene? On Sunday, July 28th, the Onion Cellar will host a night of Japanese-dominated indie, progressive rock and electronic music ranging from single acts to group performances.

The Onion Cellar is a Vietnam-based independent organization that aims to promote alternative music and films to the local audience - and ultimately to inspire them to go on their own exciting adventures in sounds and visuals.


Video: What Traditional Vietnamese Music Would Sound Like in English

For many foreigners, Vietnamese is a tough language to master due to its many tones. As hard as it may be for them in daily conversation, understanding music lyrics is a herculean task.

So what would a traditional Vietnamese song sound like in English? Famous Vietnamese singer, Manh Quynh, took a crack at an English version of cai luong, traditional Vietnamese opera, in the hilarious video below.


Dekotora: Japan's Truckin' Subculture

The Japanese really know how to take shit to the next level. Next level brothel? Check! Next level hamburger? Check! Blinged-out transformer trucks? Double check! The pictures in the gallery below showcase Dekotora, the Japanese subculture of truck drivers adding as many lights and metallic objects as possible to their vehicles.

And the results are spectacular.


Latin Music With Soul

With many options available, it seems that a large number of Vietnamese youth are getting more and more into Latin music - Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton. From Salsa clubs like La Salsa and Xsalsa to live bands at the Caravelle, Hard Rock Café and other bars, Latin fever seems to be sweeping Saigon.


Emerging Vietnamese Artists at Craig Thomas Gallery

In celebration of Craig Thomas Gallery’s 4th anniversary, the works of 15 young Vietnamese emerging artists will be displayed from June 29 – July 21.

Among the artists are Ngo Van Sac, Bui Thanh Tam, Bui Tien Tuan, Nguyen The Hung, Tam Minh, Tran Quoc Tuan, La Huy, Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong, Le Kinh Tai, Bui Hai Son, Nguyen Thuy Hang, Mac Hoang Thuong, and Luong Luu Bien.


Vietnamese Artists Mix Electronic, Hip Hop and Traditional Music

There are complaints that Vietnamese pop music is bland and lacks variety and musical ingenuity. Pop ballads, usually indistinguishable from one another, dominate Vietnamese TV and radio.

Fortunately, there are local musicians who are breaking the mould, such as DjGiang Nguyễn who partnered with blind Đàn Bầu (traditional monochord instrument) musician, Hà Chương and Mrt Beatboxer, to create a unique track that fuses contemporary electronic and hip hop with traditional Vietnamese music.


Ode To Saigon

When Mark Batchelor found himself in an all-to-familiar power outage, he was left with no internet and decided to spontaneously pick up a pen a paper and whip together a poem/rhyme about his first impressions of living in Saigon.


Downed US Plane in Binh Phuoc

Earlier this year, Quinn Ryan Mattingly made his way through Binh Phuoc Province. Eventually reaching Phuoc Long, he stumbled upon some interesting history, a downed US plane, slowly decomposing in the center of town.

There wasn't much information available about the plane, but after a little digging around, it’s likely that it was a casualty of the Battle of Phuoc Long.


Amazing Vietnamese Origami

This is the work of Hanoi-based artist Nguyen Hung Cuong who creates his beautiful pieces with paper called Do.

Nguyen Hung Cuong has been making origami since the age of six when he received his first book - Prehistoric Origami and is currently an active member of Vietnam Origami Group (VOG), a community of origami enthusiasts in Vietnam.


Call for Submissions - Ho Chi Minh MEGA City

If you love Saigon, it’s time to grab your camera and take some shots of the city! The photo book, “TP. Ho Chi Minh MEGA City,” is currently being assembled and the authors are seeking submissions.

Check out the information below to better understand the project and see how you can play a vital role in its creation:


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