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VNA A330 Engine Catches Fire After Landing in Saigon

Yesterday at 3:55pm, a Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330, arriving from Melbourne, landed at Ton San Nhat International airport. Soon after, smoke was observed coming from its no. 2 engine.

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Saigon Lifts Ban on Public Bus Advertising

Saigon’s 2002 ban on public advertising has been lifted, allowing for advertisements on public buses, taxis and trains. The move has been welcomed by advertisers, seeking to expand their reach, and th...

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Starbucks CEO Says Company Will Open Hundreds of Stores in Vietnam

On the heels of a successful launch in Vietnam, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, announced that the American coffee chain will open hundreds of stores in the country. Before opening its 2-story flagshi...

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Saigon Opens ‘Smile School’ for Traffic Police

Saigon’s traffic police just underwent rigorous training sessions to help them gain knowledge on "cultural behavior and moral behavior of traffic police officers" while on duty. The program, chai...

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Saigon's New CNG Busses to be Produced in Vietnam

Locally-produced CNG (compressed natural gas) busses may be an increasingly common sight over the next 12 months. On April 18, Duong Hong Thanh, deputy director of the City Department of Transport, a...

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Silent Mics? Heavy Fines for Liquor in Karaoke Rooms

Ain't no liquor in the karaoke room. To the dismay of ballers across Saigon, a new decree from the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism will raise the fines for drinking liquor in karaoke rooms. So...

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