9 Old Pictures of Saigon Street Vendors

The buildings and streets of Saigon can change in the blink of an eye. Gone are the streetcars, French street names and ox-drawn carts. As the economy continues to develop, the old Saigon is being replaced by skyscrapers, metros and Burger Kings.

However, there are elements of the city that have barely changed over the last century, one of these are street vendors. Check out the slideshow below of Saigon street vendors taken between 1900 and 1975.


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: Looking Up (1966)

This striking image was taken from above Saigon's streets in 1966.

It's images like this that make one wonder where their subjects are today.


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: Umbrella for a Sunny Day (1966)

Just a beautiful picture captured on Saigon's streets in 1966. 


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: Cho Lon Opium Den

Have you ever been stuck in Saigon traffic and wished that you were on comfy couch in Cho Lon, chilling with some Chinese guys 'chasing the dragon' instead? Yeah, probably not (but for those who answered yes, stay awesome. Just kidding, drugs are bad).


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: How to Arrive at Your Wedding in Style

The tradition of covering your wedding car with flowers and regalia is not new in Vietnam.

Today, most couples who can afford it, opt for a middle-of-the-line Toyota or Kia while those with deep pockets enjoy the luxury of a BMW or Mercedes.


10 Old Pictures of Saigon Cyclo Drivers

Even though Saigon has gone through many changes over the last century, there are certain characteristics of the city that have endured.

Before the age of the motorbike, cyclos were one of the most common modes of transportation for locals and foreigners alike.


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: Water Delivery!

In the days before indoor plumbing and bottled water were the norm, like most of the world, Saigonese relied on wells to provide water (and in many areas still do).

During the early 20th century, water made its way around the city by hand, wherein people would fill up their buckets at their local well and deliver it to business and wealthy residents as seen in the picture above.

Old Saigon Picture of the Day: City of Bikes

A slower mode of transportation for a slower time.

Old Saigon Picture of the Day: Gánh Tàu Hủ (1926)

While I'm not the biggest fan of chè (Vietnamese sweet soup) in general, gánh tàu hủ (tofu with ginger, caramel and optional coconut milk) has a special place in my heart (even if it's not technically chè).


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: The Original Sửa Xe (1890s?)

Before the age of motorbikes, Saigon's streets were characterized by ox-drawn carts and horse-drawn carriages.

And, just like motorbikes, everyday wear and tear would take their toll, requiering small repairs here and there to keep them going.

Who would play the role of hero when your carriage broke down?


Old Saigon Picture of the Day: Check Out This Badass

In the time before Ducatis and Yamaha FZ16s were the hottest things on two wheels in Saigon, the Honda Cub 67 reigned supreme with local cool kids.

Even though many of the old 67's are still around, the guy in this image not only perfected today's hipster look but made some badass improvements to the bike itself.


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