Late Night Dim Sum on Nguyen Trai

Late night dim sum. Photo by Michael Tatarski.

We’re always on the lookout for late night noshing spots and Mike at Along the Mekong has a post detailing a hidden food Mecca just a stone’s throw from the backpacker area. On Nguyen Trai, between Cach Mang Tang Tam and Ton That Tung, sit a plethora of drinking food options, all open late-night to satiate the appetites of the drunken masses, Vietnamese and foreigner alike.

This strip features mainly Vietnamese food but there is one particularly hidden gem, 24 hour dim sum! Mike and his buddies gorged themselves on this Chinese cuisine which is normally reserved for brunch time. But, as Mike found out, dim sum is delicious any time of day:

I think the food here is fantastic. Dim sum is often eaten for breakfast, but the small portions and wide variety make for perfect late-night drunk food. I went with a group of friends this night, and we absolutely pigged out. I'm completely obsessed with dim sum now.

To see more pictures and details on his discovery, head over to his blog.

Do you have a favorite late night spot? Do you know where to find the best dim sum in the city? Post in the comments below!

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