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Vietnamese Street Pizza: Bánh Trứng Tráng

Bánh Trứng Tráng

Down the Street and Back Again is a blog written by John Russack, an American pilot who, for 365 days, sampled a new Vietnamese street delicacy. His long journey has recently come to an end, but to get to the elusive 365 foods, he embraced his role as street food ambassador to the fullest - trying everything from grilled crickets to fertile duck eggs. Epic.

This blog is a remarkable collection and invaluable resource for those who have a passion for Vietnamese street food but lack the linguistic and/or navigational skills to find it.

One of my favorite posts is on Bánh Trứng Tráng, a combination of pizza and a burrito. John found the ingredients to be satisfactory but did take issue with the mayo:

First, two small quail eggs are broken out of their black and white speckled shells and smeared all over the paper.  I just picture what quails look like and see that image in the yellow yolks swirling around the white rice paper with the woman’s salmonella laced finger.  Minced pork, shrimp, and chopped scallions are then tossed on top, and the whole enchilada is thrown on top the hot coals.  As it cooks, various sauces are squirted on, and I politely declined the mayo.   Mayo in this sort of tropical heat?  Are they nuts?  If mayo based potato salad at a picnic in Alaska can fell a lumberjack with ptomaine food poisoning, I can’t even imagine what rolling the dice here could bring.

Check out Down the Street and Back Again for daily posts about Saigon’s street food scene.

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