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French Charm and Passion for Freshness at Ty Coz

Do you like French food but are a bit tired of the same food, the same style, in the same environment? If on top of this, you love genuine customer service in an environment reminiscent of someone’s home in France, then you must try Ty Coz.

Ty Coz is hidden in the city centre, just off Pasteur street. But aren't many of the best places tucked away in hard–to-find places?

Hosted in a lovely old French mansion, Ty Coz is a real culinary experience. Whether you like the indoor, air conditioned floors or the outdoor terrace on the roof (my favourite for a romantic evening) you will surely be delighted by the freshness, taste and preparation of the dishes.

There is no menu, at least no paper one and no, you will not be handled an iPad either. Following the best French restaurant tradition of bringing to the table only what is fresh, the two owners of Ty Coz base their daily menu based on the best of what’s available in the market that day. To that end, they design the menu accordingly, which is hand written on a huge white board that’s will be brought to your table and explained in detail by one of the chefs; that by itself it is a great experience.

Although it changes frequently, the menu is quite extensive so the difficulty for me is figuring out what to choose as every dish is very appealing.

I strongly recommend the oysters for starters, it will give you a “taste” of how something as simple as oysters can be taken to the next level and, if available, try the selection with the different homemade sauces.

L’ecallier is a massive dish comprising a great mix of fresh seafood and accompanied by French fries. If you love seafood, you will not be disappointed by this magnificent dish.

The beef steak it is prepared to your taste and is always top-quality imported beef. Tender and delicious, a real treat for meat lovers.

The beef bourguignon is amazing: chunks of beef are marinated for several days in burgundy wine and then slow cooked to perfection.

Finally desserts, oh my god, they are all homemade and absolutely exquisite, and if you are into proper French tradition, go for the selection of imported French cheeses. What better way to finish your meal?

The wine list is extensive and reasonably priced and bottles have been carefully selected to match the style of the food served.

Best of all, prices are really affordable: only the mains are priced, and include a dessert and starter.

Great food, location and atmosphere, with a personalized make Ty Coz a wonderful place to enjoy not only French food, but some of the freshest ingredients Vietnam has to offer.

Ty Coz, 178/4 Pasteur. District 1. HCMC. T: 082822 2457

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