Saigon Street Food Gems: Hoa Quan

As a resident of District 4, I find that it being off a lot of people’s radar both a good and bad thing. Good because, quite frankly, I like to imagine I have the place to myself and want to wallow in the uniqueness of being a rare westerner in the mirky depths of the district. Really though, it’s a bad thing because so many people are missing out on one of Saigon’s most vibrant areas.


Saigon Street Food Gems: Quan Ca Can

For quick and easy ‘on-the-go’ snacks, I’m very much a banh mi or banh bao man. Banh mi when I’m looking for a light bite; banh bao when I’m in need of something more substantial. And for both the best selection and the best tasting buns, I’ve not found better than Ca Can in the middle of District 5.


Saigon Street Food Gems: Ba Hai Banh Xeo

Banh xeo joints are a pretty common sight around town, and you may well have your own favourite. I’m regularly drawn back to this place though because it offers everything I look for in Vietnamese street food.


Saigon Street Food Gems: Quan Le Hong

Not street food strictly speaking but Quan Le Hong does fall under the banner of cheap eats, which is good enough for me. Even more so when the eats are as cheap and delicious as the fried beef dishes here.


Bordeaux Nights at le Rendez-Vous de Saigon

Do you love wine and French food? Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

This Friday and Saturday, make your way over to le Rendez-Vous de Saigon to ‘Discover the best of Bordeaux’ where they’ll be offering a selection of 100% Bordeaux wines by the glass in addition to a number of a la carte specials.


Grill Bar: Charcoal Cooking with Vietnamese Flavours

If you’re a fan of barbequed meats and seafood, you should check out the recently opened Grill Bar, a few meters behind Ben Thanh market.


Saigon’s quang gánh (street) food - Part 1

It seems that in the UK and Europe, street food has taken off like never before. Everyone has their own reasons: it's cheaper; it's a refreshing change from the boredom of chain restaurants and it gives people the feeling that they are directly supporting their local businesses and community. 


The Deck: Jewel Along the River

The Deck has been an institution in HCMC for those of us who enjoy great food, top service and a luxurious and sophisticated environment.

Chef Adrian Scott, who is also behind the iconic Mekong Merchant, has created a new fusion menu to delight all of us who like simplicity in life but complexity in wines and fine food.


La Creperie: Brittany's Best in Saigon

Brittany is a very particular region in Northwest France, well known for its cider and especially, its great food.

The region’s unique culture, heavenly landscapes and earthy food far outweigh its notoriously bad weather. La Creperie in District 1 is an example of the delicious dishes that this region can offer.


French Charm and Passion for Freshness at Ty Coz

Do you like French food but are a bit tired of the same food, the same style, in the same environment? If on top of this, you love genuine customer service in an environment reminiscent of someone’s home in France, then you must try Ty Coz.


Enjoy a Luxurious Sunday Lunch with Family and Friends

Restaurant Nineteen is located in the ground floor of the Caravelle hotel in District 1, an ideal place for people and families to get together and enjoy a “lazy” Sunday with top quality food and great service - without having to break the bank to do so.


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