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[Photos] An Early Morning Stroll Through D1

As a city that is perpetually either sweltering hot or halfway under water, Saigon weather rarely includes cool breezes or overcast mornings. And yet, over the past few weeks, the city has experienced a handful of chilly mornings and soft sunlight, a welcome change from the usual heat and humidity that often appears at sunrise and lasts throughout the day.

While this cool, fall-like weather doesn't last long – temperatures tend to return to scorching by mid-morning – take a stroll through Saigon around daybreak and you'll find some of the city's residents enjoying this brief respite from the Saigon heat.

A night shift security guard takes a smoke break after the graveyard shift.

A local patrolman gets ready for the day's work.

A xe ôm driver reads the day's newspaper while waiting for customers.

A xe ôm driver catches up on current events.

Passengers wait for their bus on Pham Ngu Lao Street.

An elderly man lights incense to place at an outdoor altar.

Commuters wait for a ride at the bus station on Ham Nghi Street.

Students on the way to school.

Sunrise over Bui Vien Street.

Tran Hung Dao Street, empty at daybreak, is filled with commuters during the morning and evening rush hours.

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