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As Thu Thiem Stalls, City Rushes to Lure Investors

Development of Thu Thiem was supposed to be the crown jewel of Saigon’s urban expansion. Since 1996, plans have been in place to turn this green swath of land, directly across from District 1, into the city’s new center. Although the city has cleared most of the land, a faltering economy, lack of infrastructure and high leasing fees have stalled the project.


"Fucking Ugly" Websites Plague Vietnam

Design is subjective; ‘good’ design changes by region, city and individual. Design elements that may seem antiquated to one, may be fresh or reinvented by another so we try not to judge - except when it comes to websites that are “fucking ugly.” These were the words Techinasia editor, Anh Minh Do, used to appropriately describe the state of Vietnamese website design.


Forget Motorbikes. Smoking is Vietnam's #1 Killer

No matter where you’re from, smoking cigarettes is a killer. While Vietnam has started to feel the effects of this long-ignored but serious public health issue, perhaps a recent report from the Ho Chi Minh City Health Education and Communication Center will shake things up a bit.


Could This Vietnamese Startup Overtake Dropbox?

Dropbox has long been the biggest player in the cloud storage game, but this may soon change. Local startup, Kleii, has just secured its first round of seed funding and has its eyes on the international stage.


Apple Returns Millions of Substandard iPhones to Foxconn

According to sources in a China Business report, Apple has returned up to 8 million iPhones to manufacturer, Foxconn, on the grounds that they were not fit or sale. The gaffe could not only result in lower supply, but delay the release of the next iPhone which is scheduled for later this year.


The Ghost Town of Thu Thiem

As we’ve written about before, there are big plans to re-develop Thu Thiem into Saigon’s new business and finance center. For the last few years, the city has demolished entire neighborhoods to clear the site, turning part of District 2 into a ghost town. While the grand re-development is at a standstill, there are those who live in its shadows, amidst the rubble and half-standing houses.


With $100 Million in the Bank, CocCoc Looks to Unseat Google in Vietnam

There’s no doubt that Google is the global leader in search engines, owning a 67.5% global market share. But if the tech behemoth has one 'chink in the armor', it’s the inability to effectively handle non-English language searches. Russian national, Victor Lavrenko, identified this weakness and saw an opportunity to pick up the slack where Google would/could not. Enter startup CocCoc which plans to invest $100 million in the next 10 years to master the art of search in Vietnam.


Massive Transportation Plan for Saigon Revealed

We’ve heard a lot over the last few years about proposed improvements to Saigon’s transportation infrastructure. These include the new Long Thanh International Airport and expanding the city center into District 2.


Pullman Saigon Center Tops Out

The concrete skeleton  at the corner of Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Cu Trinh topped out just before Tet and is set to open later this year.


Organic Vietnam: A Step in the Right Direction

Organic produce has gained massive popularity in the West over the last few decades. Given the importance of agriculture in Vietnam – both from economic and health standpoints – there are those who are working to improve the country’s diet and overall health by focusing on cultivating organic fruits and vegetables.


Skyline Update: Eximbank Tower

Rendering of Eximbank Tower.

Get ready for a major addition to the Saigon skyline – the Eximbank Tower. On December 17th, Eximbank announced the 40 story project, led by Turner and Nikken Sekkei design consultants.


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