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Vietnamese News Sites Targeted by Hackers

As some may have noticed, over the past two weeks, many Vietnamese news sites have been slow or inaccessible. Hacker Vietnam Online (HVA) has announced that they have found the source of the constant stream of denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


Vietnam’s Youth Environmental Movement Takes off

At a ceremony to mark World Environment Day on June 5, Vietnam’s deputy prime minister, Nguyen Thien Nhan, added a sober warning that his country is facing grave environmental problems, and called on citizens and the government ministries to act.


Interview with HCMC MEGA City Organizer - Part 2

Dr. Michael Waibel, along with Hilbert Henning, have launched the TP. Ho Chi Minh - MEGA City project to visually document Saigon’s rapid urban development. The project is currently being assembled and the authors are seeking submissions. For more information, click the link above.

We spoke with Michael about the motivation behind the project which has both personal and academic roots for its organizers.


Ministry Proposes Nonsensical Fines for Psychological Abuse

Well this is…something.

The Ministry of Public Security is considering levying fines up to VND2 million for domestic psychological abuse.

Under the proposed legislation, acts of domestic psychological abuse are split into different categories of severity, each with a corresponding fine.

Good stuff, good stuff. The thing is there doesn’t seem to be much logic behind the ranking of various abuses.


Driven to Distraction: New Motorbike First to Use iPhone as a Dashboard

Japanese startup, Terra Motors, is releasing two new motorbikes to take advantage of Asia’s iPhone addiction. Oh, and they’re electric too so they’re good for the environment and stuff.


Poor Logistics Threaten Vietnamese Exports

Even as Vietnam’s exports reached US$114.6 in 2012, a key factor in the country’s economic growth, high logistics costs are limiting the profits and development of the industry.

According to Thanh Nien, economists and experts such as Pham Minh Duc of the World Bank say that while the country has seen strong growth in exports over the past 20 years, they are “reaching their limit.” In other words, Vietnam must tackle inefficient logistics to continue this rate of growth.


Why Vietnam is on Apple's Shit List

Apple is arguably the most influential luxury brand in Vietnam. When it comes to status, having the Apple logo on the back of your phone can make or break you. The brand is also one of the most copied and diluted as thousands of stores – from cafes to computer shops – use it to legitimize their business. It’s the Vietnamese version of “put a bird on it.” But as Anh-Minh Do over at TechinAsia points out, this behavior may have landed Vietnam on Apple’s shit list.


Logging Into Facebook in Vietnam - The Elegant Solution

For many of us, words like DNS, proxy and VPN are familiar due to the difficulties of logging into Facebook from inside Vietnam.

At Saigoneer, we are aware of this problem and have found a few solutions to help you easily and consistently access Facebook no matter your ISP or location.


The Collapse of the Vietnamese Gaming Industry

“It’s becoming unbearable,” said VNG CEO, Le Hong Minh when discussing the current state of the Vietnamese gaming industry.

Since the Ministry of Information and Communication stopped issuing licenses for local gaming companies in 2010, they have seen a sharp decline in profits, only able to stay above water by distributing their software illegally.


Saigon’s New Airport to Cost $4 – 5.6 Billion

Yesterday, the Transport Ministry held a seminar on the development plan for Long Thanh International Airport which is set to replace Tan Son Nhat by 2020, TuoiTre reports. With a total investment of US$4 billion in its current design, the ministry warned that the cost could rise significantly if the project is expanded.


Beware of Fake Beer in Saigon

After words of caution from Oi Magazine about fake alcohol in Saigon, a Thanh Nien expose has revealed that beer is also being counterfeited as well.

In an alley in Tan Binh district, a Thanh Nien reporter found men sitting in a 20sq meter room, taking empty bottles of Heineken and Tiger, filling them half-way with the original product and the remainder with Saigon beer.


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