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Devaux Beverages Stands Above the Crowd of Saigon’s Cafes

In recent years, Saigon’s food and beverage scene has grown in leaps and bounds. It’s never been easier for city residents to take a global cuisine tour without even needing to get on a plane, whether you want delicacies from Syria, Mexico, Japan and beyond.

Nowhere is this transformation more visible than in Saigon’s ever-growing collection of cafes, which ranges from massive international chains to sleek locally owned spots and everything in between. Competition is tough, as evidenced by the struggles of global behemoths such as Starbucks, meaning successful cafes really need to stand out from the crowd.

Enter Devaux Beverages, which opened over the summer.

Located on a quiet stretch of Le Thi Hong Gam Street in District 1, Devaux is inspired by European cafes and brasseries, particularly those found in France. Indeed, the sharp typography of the café’s logo, combined with the elegant tiled floors, wouldn’t look out of place on a photogenic Parisian avenue. The minimalist styling features ample black and white, creating a distinct look amid Saigon’s busy café industry.

Interior design is one of Devaux’s strong points, with plenty of Instagram-friendly flourishes found on both floors. From eye-catching lamps to stylish imported seating and the dark blue rear room with a fireplace, there is plenty of visual panache here. People have taken notice as well, with fashion boutiques regularly booking photo shoots in the space.

This knack for design extends to the food and drink selections as well, with meal options including fluffy waffles covered in decadent fruit, an English breakfast, nachos and more. This dish diversity extends to the dessert section as well, which offers the Hawaiian Pancake, served with strawberry, pineapple, apple, kiwi, orange and mango jam, along with the Devaux Tiramisu and a Crunchy Hazelnut Bowl.

Thirsty visitors can choose from a wide range of coffee, tea and juice options, with signature drinks such as the Dragon-Lychee Black Tea and Mind Exploder, which includes blue curacao, lime juice and frosted mint syrup, landing on the table with colorful flair.

These drinks are heavenly for anyone with a sweet tooth, and incredibly refreshing for those in need of a break from the blazing dry season sunlight outside the tall shopfront windows.

The team behind Devaux Beverages recognizes that cafes and restaurants need their own look and character if they expect to succeed with discerning customers, and they have created just that through its unique design and menu. Anyone can make a coffee, but few can create a confident sense of place like Devaux.


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Opening hour: 8a.m - 11p.m

Devaux Beverages | 115 Le Thi Hong Gam, Cau Ong Lanh ward, D.1, Ho Chi Minh City