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Committing “Wow” Moments to Memory at Movenpick Phu Quoc

Finally having time to fly a kite on the beach with his son might be the memory a busy father cherishes for the rest of his life. “When we remember our childhoods it’s small moments like this that make it special,” explains Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc’s GM Philippe Le Bourhis.  

No place can guarantee one will make memories to be recalled fondly for decades, but the right environment can help set the stage for them to happen. Thanks to its stunning beach location, , diverse, family-focused activities, and exciting dining options, Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc invites guests to make moments they can treasure for years to come.


The Splendors of Ong Lang Beach

Phu Quoc is far from the hidden beach destination it was a decade ago, with new resorts opening up every month and tourism numbers soaring. At 574 km², the island is larger than many people assume, and different locations offer wildly different experiences. With its bustling market, fishing port and the world’s largest cable car, the southern end of Phu Quoc is one of the most crowded sections. The many shops and restaurants support a wide array of hostels, hotels and resorts, all elbowing one another for prime waterfront views. 

To the north, however, some of the isolated beaches that Phu Quoc became famous for remain relatively untouched. For example, Ong Lang Beach on the west coast is a pristine 2.5 km stretch of sand and palm trees. At dusk, small fishing boats purr in from the sea and the sun smears purple hues across the undersides of clouds. As the first international 5 star resort on Ong Lang beach, Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc allows guests unrivaled privacy and seclusion during these breathtaking sunsets, as well as views of the sun rising over the mountains in the distance.


A Focus on Families

“Mövenpick Phu Quoc emphasizes the family because it’s a good moment to have together with parents and kids. They have a busy life in the city … and especially in Asia and Vietnam, we have multigenerational families traveling, so it’s not just the parents and the kids; but it’s also the grandparents because that’s the only time they have together,” says Philippe

The resort facilitates this bonding time via a variety of activities and accommodations. Families can splash around in the spacious infinity pool, play volleyball on the beach or lifestyle & fun activities. Comfortable rooms with simple but cozy decor boast a home-like, unpretentious vibe, and thus are perfect for playing board games together, watching movies or simply sitting around chatting.  The particularly large suites with private rooms and shared living room are especially suited for groups of friends or multi-generational families.

Even the closest family sometimes needs a break from one another, however, and young children can be dropped off at  the Little Birds Club and M Lounge Teen Clubfilled with books, games, toys and play equipment. The team looks after the kids while parents are free to indulge in a spa treatment, join a yoga class, work out in the state-of-the-art exercise room or sip a cocktail during a romantic sunset because, as Philippe says, Phu Quoc’s “sunsets are honestly just amazing. Most days it’s just ‘wow’ - the best picture.”


Moments That Make Guests go “Wow”

“The whole idea of hospitality ... is doing something unexpected, making a ‘wow’ event out of it,” says Director Lifestyle and Fun, Mobeen Akhalwaya. 

Many of these ‘wow’ moments come at sunset. The chic Aura Beach Club not only offers the best view of the soft waves and inspiring colors but features a stage where nightly performances inject excitement into the relaxed vibes. Fire dancers, saxophone solos, live bands, acrobats and other entertainers rotate regularly to give the guests a special show.

And as easy as it is to let time meander past unnoticed at Mövenpick Phu Quoc, those in search of adventure don’t have to look far. Waters teeming with starfish, family-run pepper farms eager to offer a first-hand glimpse of how they cultivate the famous spice, and honey farms are all nearby, while the island also boasts amusement and water parks, golf courses, and a vibrant night market filled with unique foods and souvenirs. 


Cuisine Steeped in History and its Surroundings

In 1948, long before it expanded as a luxury resort chain with properties across Europe, Africa and Asia, Mövenpick began as a restaurant in Switzerland. The ice cream they served was so popular it was packaged and sold in stores and is now found in 40 nations around the world. Given this success, it’s no surprise that all Mövenpick resorts feature homemade ice cream and cones, as well as a signature complimentary chocolate hour every afternoon when guests can savor fresh fruits coated in sweet Swiss chocolate.

While being part of the internationally-renowned brand guarantees service and quality standards, there is room for localization, as exemplified by the ice cream served at Mövenpick Phu Quoc. The famous local pepper adds a nice, subtle bite to the citrus sorbet, while local sim berries give a unique sweetness. 

“It’s very important to try to source ingredients locally; to develop the trends with the local community is part of the value of the company [and] as a chef you always try to look for the freshest ingredient, so this is very important,” explains Executive Chef Olivier Portret.

From the cóc fruit juice served alongside bowls of phở in the diverse breakfast buffet to the five-spiced duck meatballs and gỏi cuốn stuffed with plump shrimp, the team adds plenty of Vietnamese dishes to the menu alongside western favorites including oven-fired pizza, pastas and steaks, and some special Swiss items like beef tartar from Mövenpick’s rich history as a restaurant. 

Memory is a funny thing, and you can never be certain what will stick with you forever and what will disappear from your mind as if it never happened. From photos to souvenirs to diaries, humans have long tried to ensure certain moments stay with us. A trip to Mövenpick Phu Quoc is a similar exercise. Joyous experiences shared by families, couples and friends who visit are likely to linger long after the sun has set on their stay.

[Photos by Quinn Ryan Mattingly and Mark Farwell.]

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