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Kumquat Beer from Pasteur Street Brewing Arrives in Time for Tết

Along with red envelopes, homemade bánh chưng and elegantly written câu đối, kumquat trees are one of the most ubiquitous symbols of the Tết holiday. 

The meticulously pruned trees symbolize a family’s many generations, with the ripe fruits representing grandparents, flowers representing parents, buds representing children, and the delicate leaves representing grandchildren. Many associate kumquat’s fresh, sweet flavor with the Lunar New Year, so it seems inevitable that one of Saigon’s mainstay craft breweries would look to it when creating their special Tết beer.

Pasteur Street Brewing recently celebrated their 6th anniversary, making them one of, if not the, oldest craft breweries in Vietnam. Their success, which includes numerous awards and expansion throughout the country, is in large part thanks to their penchant for creativity. They refuse to remain satisfied with the popularity of their flagship beers and are thus always looking to experiment, as seen in their Innovation series that has used everything from Boba tea pearls to Ly Son garlic to sake yeast, as well as the recent roll-out of two new takes on their Jasmine IPA: the Double Jasmine IPA and Jasmine Amber Ale. The Kumquat Ale’s use of the seasonal fruit exemplifies their love of new and interesting flavors.

Another reason for Pasteur Street’s success is their ability to cater to local preferences. When they first opened, craft beer was largely unknown amongst Vietnamese drinkers and they quickly learned that people here enjoyed fruity beers that didn’t have an overpowering AVB. The Kumquat Ale thus relies on Vietnamese kumquats, in line with Pasteur Street’s philosophy that each beer should have at least one local ingredient. Flaked rice, wheat and Cascade hops provide the cream ale with a soft, rich backbone. And at 5% ABV, people can enjoy a few and still have room for the seemingly endless parade of foods that accompanies the holiday.

Vietnam’s celebration of Tết has evolved over the years, and no longer do streets remain desolate with every shop, restaurant, and bar closed. Now, families eager to celebrate outside of their home, as well as friends looking to meet up, have had more options of where to go. Pasteur Street is following the trend by remaining open with limited hours (4pm-12am) at all of their locations, except for the original taproom, in the days leading up to and during the Lunar New Year.

From the flower street erected on Nguyen Hue to art gallery exhibitions, every Tết affords creatives a chance to incorporate the year’s zodiac animal. This year’s buffalo makes for an especially powerful image that the Kumquat Ale celebrates. For the artwork, Pasteur Street has once again collaborated with local artist Bodda Brand for impressive label art that will compel you to pick up a bottle as a souvenir. 

The Kumquat Ale is on tap already at all Pasteur Street locations, but customers can also order bottles for delivery if they want to add a novel new beverage to their traditional Tết gatherings. Moreover, for the first time, Tết gift boxes are available for those that want to give someone a unique gift to celebrate the new year. Limited Tết gift boxes with only 50 boxes. Each of the limited boxes contains the Kumquat Ale, a bottle of their award-winning Cylco Stout, 2 taster glasses, 2 cork coasters, a bottle opener, and a 500,000 VND gift voucher. In a nod to the many superstitions for good and bad luck that surround the new year, each of the boxes are priced at 888,000 VND.

Tết is ever-changing with new customs, products and foods. Adding a Pasteur Street Kumquat Ale may be the perfect way to blend a traditional taste with a new trend. Whether enjoyed at one of the taprooms or savored at your home, the beer adds a delicious something special to the season.


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