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An Open Day involves far more than simply letting people onto the school grounds to look around. Teachers, students, senior leadership and support staff all work together to welcome families of prospective students and share their enthusiasm for the opportunities that await.

Australian International School (AIS) will hold its bi-annual open house on Saturday, November 26, 2022. Many of the visitors will already be familiar with the school, having looked at available online materials, spoken with admissions staff and possibly even visited the campus for an in-person tour. And still, the Open Day offers unparalleled access for families to meet current students, to listen to presentations from the principal and to have all their questions answered by teachers.

Saigoneer has visited AIS on numerous occasions over the years and the confidence, maturity and talent of the students we meet always leave a lasting impression. We have been able to chat with students eager to share their artistic endeavors and volunteer efforts as part of their International Baccalaureate projects; we also learned about recent graduates’ current research at renowned universities after seamless transitions to independent life abroad and seen them take active leadership roles in school organizations and clubs. Their personal passions dictate their individual pursuits, but they all emphasize how AIS helped them develop as well-rounded, knowledge-seeking individuals. Tours during Open Day are led by similar students, allowing parents to envision the types of young adults their own children can become when enrolled at AIS.

Another unique aspect of Open Day is the availability of the school leadership team. The principal, vice principals and other senior staff members will give presentations that touch on university opportunities, post-graduation and admission requirements. During these talks and the one-on-one meetings with admissions’ staff, parents frequently inquire about scholarship opportunities and fee discounts for early application. In addition, they can discuss more details about the international curriculum offered by AIS and their approach to learning. Teachers will also be in their classrooms to go into greater depth about the lessons associated with their subjects.

While parents are typically most interested in meeting current students, potential students like to learn more about the many sports, performing arts and after school programs offered. The Open Day tours thus include visits to facilities including outdoor sports field, pool, auditorium and dedicated arts and music rooms. AIS is always looking to improve and evolve and several new additions to the campus include the calm, expansive library with dedicated IB study areas and the boarding facilities. As the city’s first international school to offer housing for students – whose families may live away from Ho Chi Minh City or have challenging work schedules – AIS provides an opportunity for parents to consider boarding options when seeing safe, enjoyable and world-class facilities.

Community is a crucial part of the AIS experience and an Open Day is a great chance for new arrivals to get to know one another. Discussions among families during the tour or over a morning tea break reveal the type of people that constitute an extension of the school’s character and values. By the time the Open Day comes to an end, parents will have a solid introduction to not only the teachers and staff, but also the other adults and students that will influence their children throughout their school day. 

While AIS students share many common traits, they come from diverse backgrounds and represent a wide variety of cultures. This ultimately makes the school a more inclusive, rich and educational environment. Therefore, the Open Day will have students able to lead tours and answer questions in Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese in addition to English, allowing entire families to join and to take active roles in the students’ educational journeys.


While AIS’s Open Day aims to answer any lingering questions families may have about the school and present a complete picture of what a student can expect when enrolling, there is also some time for fun. Students have prepared a musical presentation that not only adds some levity and excitement to the day, but also exemplifies how the talented study body focuses on developing students holistically in creative and performing arts, in addition to formal academic subjects.

AIS prides itself on creating a warm, inviting and supportive atmosphere which best nurtures learning, independence and confidence. It is impossible to fully grasp what an environment is like without witnessing it first-hand. The upcoming Open Day at AIS is the ideal opportunity to witness the school at its best and to imagine the possibilities that await the prospective students that attend on a daily basis. 

Parents would like to join the Open Day, please find more information and register here.

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