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Columbia Asia Binh Duong is an international hospital in more than just the care it provides.

Columbia Asia is a multinational chain of hospitals in Asia with 29 medical facilities spread across Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam that all adhere to the same strict standard operating procedures. Such an international arrangement helps ensure that Columbia Asia Binh Duong has access to top-of-the-line technology, expert physicians and the ability to accept a wide range of insurance networks, including the government-issued plan.

Columbia Asia Binh Duong first opened in 2012 in response to the area’s considerable growth. Factories and offices in the area had attracted a large population of foreigners, namely Korean and Japanese, yet the closest international medical services were all located far away in the center of Saigon. As the first international hospital established in the area, it was built to meet the medical needs of the foreign and local communities alike. With 100 patient beds, the two-story building allows for a smooth patient flow while new medical technologies decrease the number of invasive treatments and optimize the efficiency of patient care resulting in shorter stays.


Introducing Latest Technologies

With rising economic levels and increased global access, health care across Vietnam has been rapidly improving. Since opening, Columbia Asia Binh Duong has consistently added new technologies to expand the number and quality of treatments provided. New machines and equipment allow the hospital to serve as a one-stop destination where patients can transition from diagnosis to treatment without needing to go to other locations.

The international nature of Columbia Asia means that experienced teams from abroad set up and implement new technologies, as opposed to local teams doing it for the first time. All Columbia Asia hospitals rely on equipment produced by Philips and Toshiba

In 2016, Columbia Asia Binh Duong purchased an MRI machine to empower doctors during diagnosis and when determining treatment plans. In 2017, the hospital received advanced dialysis machines to offer treatments that adhere to Japanese standards. While public hospitals in Saigon can perform dialysis treatment, the Columbia Asia Binh Duong rooms are much larger and more comfortable, while the advanced RO (reverse osmosis) water treatment system which is in compliance with AAMI helps to ensure safe and clean procedures.

Earlier this year, the hospital purchased a massive Philips Azurion 3 for the launch of its interventional cardiology department. The image-guided therapy system allows for accurate diagnosis and quick treatment of a number of cardiology ailments including acute myocardial infarction, cardiopulmonary arrest, arrhythmia and more. The hospital has also invested in technologies that allow it to perform laser lithotripsy for stones in ureters, bladders and urethra and RFA (radiofrequency ablation) for treatment of benign thyroid nodules.

Attracting Top Talent

Patients that speak English and a variety of other languages are catered to by Columbia Asia Binh Duong’s physicians. More than 80% of the doctors come from Saigon and many have extensive overseas experience, such as Dr. Le Thi Bich Van, Head of Internal Medicine, who completed her residency and worked at the University Hospital of Marseille and Strasbourg in France. The hospital’s reputation and the top-tier facilities make attracting talented, experienced doctors such as Dr. Tran Van Phong, who has more than 1,000 successful cardiology intervention cases, an easy task. All doctors and staff can speak English, and interpreting services are available for Korean, Chinese and Japanese speakers.


Accepting Private, Public and Third-Party Insurance

Locals and foreigners have many misconceptions regarding insurance and private hospitals. Contrary to what many assume, Columbia Asia Binh Duong does accept the public insurance that all employers are required to provide. Some treatments or medications, however, may not be covered by the public plan, or costs may exceed the coverage. In such situations, one has to pay out of pocket or rely on their private insurance to pay the remainder.

Thanks to its decades of experience and operation throughout the region, Columbia Asia has extensive practice in working with a variety of private insurance providers that operate in numerous countries. This results in patients often needing to do nothing more than show their insurance card and not pay any money at the time of treatment. Similarly, the hospital can seamlessly work with third-party insurance providers, which are companies that essentially serve as middle-men, securing private insurance for their clients.

While Columbia Binh Duong accepts a large number of private insurances, patients are advised to check their plans, which often include a list of hospitals and clinics where it can be used.

In the same way that Binh Duong’s growth reflects Saigon’s rapid development and economic strength, Columbia Asia Binh Duong serves as a prime example of the best quality healthcare available to Vietnamese residents, expatriates and foreigner visitors. Thanks to their talented staff and advanced technology, they remain at the forefront of treatment options. Moreover, their ability to accept both private and public insurance allows them to effectively treat everyone in the area.


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