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Scenery, Serenity and Luxury Combine at Banyan Tree Lang Co

When it comes to Vietnam’s booming tourism sector, so much attention is paid to new attractions, tours, theme parks, cable cars and entertainment options. These offerings appeal to those who view vacation as a time to explore, seek adventure and chase thrills, but plenty of others look forward to time off as a chance to simply rest and recharge. Banyan Tree Lang Co luxury resort caters to this crowd by offering complete privacy and luxury in a serene locale.


Art and Creativity at the Core of Social Club’s New Menus

When people think of masterpieces, they don’t immediately imagine soft, floral-laced fragments or a perfectly blended drink but carefully crafting aromas and tastes is truly an art form.


Integrating Creativity and Discovery into Saigon Classrooms through Round Square

After seeing whales wash ashore with rubbish-ruined stomachs and reading the startling statistics related to waste, Saigon residents have woken up to the destructive truth of plastic use and started to look for inventive alternatives.


Zen on a Plate at Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant & Tea House

“I couldn’t breathe,” Jade Tran says, her face flushing as she reflects on the moment in 2012 when she fell ill 4,000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas while on a pilgrimage to a Tibetan monastery.


What is ‘STEAM’ and Why Are Schools Implementing it?

If you’re familiar with modern education methods you’ve likely encountered the term ‘STEAM,’ an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, art and maths. But what is it, exactly? Some people think a focus on STEAM means merely adding robotics or coding classes to a curriculum, or bringing computers into art rooms.


How LOTTE Legend Saigon Caters to Foreign Business Travelers and Locals Alike

A wave of foreign investment in Vietnam accompanied economic reforms in the early 1990s, with Japan among the largest contributors.


Complete, Online Dental Records Helping Vietnam Become Global Dental Tourism Leaders

As Vietnam continues its emergence as a global leader for dental tourism, one company sets themselves apart by offering complete, easy to access online dental records that provide patients with much-needed security and peace of mind throughout the entire process and afterward. 


Soft Skills and Real World Experiences Lure Vietnamese Students Abroad

Because of the potential for a better education and future, many Vietnamese families have little difficulty deciding to send a child abroad for university.


As International Events and Exhibitions in Saigon Grow, GEM Center Evolves

Vietnam’s much-publicized economic boom is fueled in part by the nation’s increasing appeal to investors and thrill seekers which has led to a rise in foreign direct investment. It's also driving many major global brands and various high-class events to come to Vietnam.


Hotpot Cocktail Arrives in Saigon

Corked Tales’ new Hotpot Cocktail represents a creative, delicious return to Vietnam’s traditional way of drinking.


Capturing Saigon Through Your Camera

The rooster’s iridescent red feathers caught the morning sunlight, momentarily making them appear to be on fire as his owner held it up for a photo.


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