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From South Korea to Vietnam and Hong Kong: A Student’s Inspiring Educational Journey

Han Bin Kim has taken an unusual path to university.


Jardin Des Sens Serves as Ambassador for French Gastronomy in Saigon

French influence on Vietnamese cusine can be seen in the crispy baguettes and cured meats used in bánh mì, hearty beef served in bowls of phở, and creamy bánh flan, amongst other dishes.


Project X at SSIS: Innovative Learning in Action

A marble clinks down a shoot and knocks over a row of books that jostles paint-smeared brushes across a canvas before tumbling down a series of dominoes that release a wedge from beneath the wheel of a skateboard with a rider that proceeds to scoot across a stretch of paper, leaving behind streaks of color.


Portrait of a Saigon Student Preparing for an International University

In many ways, Minh Ha Nguyen is an average Vietnamese teenager - she frequents milk tea shops, strums her guitar in her downtime and loves to meet up with friends at streetside stands.


One Saigon Restaurant’s Take on Japanese Flower Viewing Parties

“What a strange thing! / to be alive / beneath cherry blossoms.” This famous haiku by Issa, one of Japan’s most renowned poets, encapsulates the splendor of Hanami - the annual festival dedicated to petal gazing. The term translates literally to “looking at flowers” and is a time when friends, families, students and artists all gather beneath blooming trees to find inspiration and enjoy one another’s company.


Going Green with Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island

With its sweeping beaches and lush forests, it's no surprise that Phu Quoc is experiencing a rapid increase in tourists.


[Video] Cooking with Celebrity Chef Franco Palandra @ 'NAMO

Chef Franco Palandra graced the kitchens of 'NAMO Italian, serving up a beautiful 4-course set menu from March 8 - 21.


Hôtel des Arts: Where Stays Are Curated like Artwork

For Hôtel des Arts Saigon, art is more than just a trendy word to include in their motto. It navigates every aspect of a guest’s experiences. From architecture to performances, dining, and service, the hotel relies on creativity and care that is rarely seen outside studios or galleries.


The Value of Connected, Collaborative Education in Vietnam

Saigon is constructing new office towers, financial buildings, malls and luxury apartments at a frantic pace, but the building frenzy is not all about commerce and housing, as exemplified by the British International School’s recently opened Early Years and Infant Campus.


Vietnam Coffee Republic Introduces Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee

When the afternoon sun leers down and the exhaustion of another day in the hectic city bores its way into your brain, nothing is more satisfying than downing a refreshing cup of iced coffee.


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