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[Photos] Ben Tre's Stunning Coconut & Bamboo Restaurant

Quê Dừa's bare rock pillars and coconut roof harmonize with the surrounding gardens and the Mekong River flowing past.

Outside the spacious, open main room, six smaller dining areas were designed by Saigon-based DDConcepts to give the impression of floating on the water. The use of natural materials and the absence of ostentatious decorations connects with romantic imaginings of simple, agrarian delta lifestyles.

The restaurant serves traditional Ben Tre dishes and on its official Facebook page, Quê Dừa calls itself an Làng ẩm thực sinh thái (ecological food village). Since beginning operations in 2018, the large open space has been frequently used for weddings and parties, while the smaller dining nooks are more suited for intimate meals.

Frankly, they could serve nothing but coconuts and it would be worth visiting for the impressive architecture and views alone. Have a look via ArchDaily below:

[Top image via ArchDaily.]

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