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[Photos] A House in Đồng Nai Designed for the Warmth of Tết Gatherings

Family gatherings might be a touchy subject for many of us who don’t connect well with some family members, but if one was to design a house with cordial meals and warm banquets in mind, what would it look like?

This new residential project by architecture firm Atelier TAs seeks to respond to that specification in their design of BiBi House, in Đồng Nai Province.

The homeowner is a young software engineer, according to Atelier TAs, and he set out to construct the perfect home for him, his mother and his sister.

For the abode, the client wants to honor the family altar and provide ample space to celebrate Vietnam’s traditional festive occasions, like Tết, engagement parties, đám giỗ, and more.

The resulting residence is a spacious two-story home consisting of one front and one back block, linked by a vast shared space.

On the first story, a wide cement floor flows seamlessly between the living room and dining room, creating sufficient room for gatherings with many family members.

Above the dining room, a floor cut-out brings in natural light from the skylight above, while a balcony on the second floor allows the altar to overlook the living space below.

Two bedrooms on the second story are connected by a steel pathway, instead of a concrete corridor. This was a deliberate choice by the architects to incorporate a different material into the structure while giving the impression of openness.

The design also sought to light up all indoor spaces, including the toilets, with natural light during the day. Thanks to many vertical surfaces covered by bricks, this natural light helps warm up the interior as it bounces off wood tones and brick tiles.

[Photos by Quang Đàm via ArchDaily]

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