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Thơughtful: Chữ(a) Là(nh), a New Poetry Series to Raise Fund for Those in Need

“Chữ_là để chữa_lành,” or “words are for healing," is Bay Library’s motto for their poetry series. Amidst these difficult times, words have never abandoned people; they are here to heal, share, and sympathize. 

Bay Library, along with their friends, have organized a week-long set of online poetry readings and performances with the participation of 17 different poets living across the globe: Hanoi, Saigon, Paris, New Zealand, and more. The event hopes to use the power of words, lyrics, and art to fundraise for individuals in need. 

The events are free and will take place online every night from September 18 to 24, starting at 8pm and lasting until approximately 9pm, with two or three readings or performances per night. Links to the livestreams will be updated on the event page.

By organizing this event, Bay Library hopes to raise funds for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Saigon Community Oxygen Station, the "Máy Tính Cho Em" (Computer For Students) program, and Binh Duong's Central Committee Central Committee the Vietnam Fatherland Front. They will be receiving donations from September 11 to 24. 

Some notable performers are Lê Hoài Đăng, Nam Thi, Matthieu Dufourg, Đoạ Lan, and Cerome Nguyễn. And we'll leave you with some lines by another participating poet, Hương Trà:

i promise you
never will i smoke more than a half
many shall burn fast
at the end of our

[Photo by Nick Fewings via Unsplash]

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