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Hanoi Hipster Railway Cafes Shut Down by Local Police

Several cafes that allowed customers to sit directly on the railroad tracks running through central Hanoi have been closed down by police.

Dan Tri reports that the cafes, located on the train tracks in Dien Bien Ward, have been shut down since they were encroaching on the railway.

Photo via Kenh14.

A number of cafes have opened in lane 10 of Dien Bien Phu Street over the last few weeks, creating a popular Instagram-worthy hangout for both locals and tourists. At these hip hangouts, tables and chairs were placed on the tracks, and drinks sold for VND15-20,000, the news source shares.

Vu Hoang Duc, one of the cafe owners, told DTI: "I've just returned home after studying abroad and think that the atmosphere of this place is interesting. My cafe has been open for a week now. I also want to create a comfortable place for tourists when they visit Hanoi."

Duc also shared that he and the other nearby cafe owners operated at times when few trains run through the area so that their business wouldn't be impacted.

However, an official from the Hanoi Police Department told Kenh14 that, apart from being a railroad safety hazard, these cafes might also interfere with local train operation and maintenance. Therefore, the city had to take action and shut them down.

Photos via Kenh14.

[Top photo via Bao Moi]

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