Vietnam Named a Top-50 International Tourist Destination

Vietnam ranks as one of the Top-50 international tourist destinations according to, a popular website for those seeking to move abroad, reports VietNamNet.


National Geographic: Phu Quoc a Top-3 Winter Destination

Another week, another set of subjective travel ratings, this time from National Geographic Traveler Magazine. The publication just released their 2014 list of “Best Winter Trips” in which Phu Quoc ranked 3rd after Paris, France and Whitefish, Montana (really?).


Epic Road Trip: Ha Giang to Ca Mau

If you’re like us, slaves to the internet and our computer overlords, it can be easy to forget that Saigon is an urban bubble. In a reminder that there’s a whole other Vietnam out there, 4 friends – Chris Lusher (British), Trong Tung (Vietnamese), Bachir Sareh (French) and Morgan Ommer (German) spent months on their motorbikes, traveling 5,400km from Vietnam’s most northern point, Ha Giang to its southern tip, Ca Mau to raise money for charity.


30-Day Visa Exemption for Foreigners Visiting Phu Quoc

Starting March 10, international travelers to Phu Quoc will enjoy a 30-day visa exemption.

The visa waiver is part of decision No. 80 signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on December 27 with the purpose of “support[ing] local authorities’ plan to transfer the island into an economic zone.”


Spain, Land of Churches, Castles and Wine - Part 2

This is part 2 of Spain, Land of Churches, Castles and Wine. Click here for part 1.

Of the many Rioja wineries that have opened their doors to wine lovers, we visited one of the best known in in the region: Bodegas Eguren Ugarte. The winery and vines are placed in a premium location: a flat area in between two mountain peaks, providing amazing views and a particular climate ideal for wine making. Their wines have won top international prizes and are delicious, though unfortunately, not yet available in Vietnam.


Video: Hanoi to Saigon by Train, in 9 Minutes

Last week Vietnam announced plans for a US$16 billion, 8 line railway that will provide modern rail service to the south and central regions of the country. There is of course, the current, century old railway - the Reunification Express - that runs from Saigon to Hanoi. The trip from the country's capital to its commercial hub takes about 2 days. While many shy away from this trip due to its length, it takes passengers on a journey through jungles, along pristine coastlines and over verdant ridges.


Spain, Land of Churches, Castles and Wine - Part 1

Although I grew up in Spain, it’s been nearly 20 years since I left the country to overseas, so this summer I decided to go back and visit family and friends while showing the country to my Vietnamese girlfriend.


Vietnam Tourism Struggles to Keep up with ASEAN Neighbors

It’s long been known that Vietnam is lagging behind its ASEAN neighbors when it comes to the quality of tourism workers. With the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreement on mutual recognition of tourism professionals set to begin in 2015, government officials fear the country isn’t ready to compete in a shared tourism labor market.


[Updated] Vietnam Moves Closer to Joint Visas with Thailand, Cambodia, ASEAN

[Update Below] After years of discussion, Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian foreign relations authorities are getting closer to a joint visa agreement.


Vietnam Enjoying Tourism Growth in 2013

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), Vietnam has reeled in more than 677,000 foreign tourists in August, a 22% increase from last year.


Wine, Grapes and Relaxation

Although there are many reasons to visit Spain, including good weather, history and food, wine tourism has become one of the latest trends with foreigners and locals alike. You may enjoy drinking wine, but the next step is visiting the cellars.


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