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Giờ Ra Chơi - Show Hardcore @ Soma Saigon


[Fire Cat x Out The Run]

We also know that at this point in time, you guys are busy with books to prepare for exams, you must be under a lot of pressure, right ????. But studying too much is not good, learning without playing is lost youth.

Leaving aside books for a while, this coming June 2 is the time when you guys participate in the most hardcore "Playtime" at Hutech, this is also an opportunity for everyone to boost their spirits after staying up all night to review lessons. 

Take a look at the group of “disruptive students” who were punished during “Playtime”

- Minionn (Rock Ballad, Punk Rock)
- Kaali (Blackend Hardcore)
- Knife Sticking Head (Hardcore)
- 9xacly (Vinapunk)
- I'm Not Sure (Alternative Metal)
- Thrash Punk

Extremely economical fares:
- Early to school: 180,000 VND
- Come to school on time: 210,000 VND
- Late to school: 250,000 VND
- Offer for Hutech students: 180,000 (each MSSV can only buy 2 tickets)

Registration link:

A very strong note: to this "Playtime" this time, you SHOULD bring a STUDENT DRESSCODE or any school related items ^^, otherwise you will be fined by the supervisor!!

Time: 18:00 on 02/06/2023
Location: Soma Saigon - 6 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC
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Contact Info:
Tel: 034 937 3320 (Thao Ngan)

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2nd June, 2023


Soma Saigon| 6 Le Van Mien Street, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City