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[Video] These Facial Expressions Saigoneers Make While Driving Will Brighten up Your Day

If you’ve resided in Saigon for any period of time, you’d know that the city is full of character. Beneath the apparent urban rush and reserved demeanor, Saigoneers also have a whimsical side that takes getting to know them better to witness.


Vietnam to Test 5G Technology Next Year for 2020 Launch

The fifth generation of cellular mobile technology promises superior speed, higher bandwidth and better responsiveness.


After Long Thanh, 5 Provincial Cities Also Request International Airports

In the light of the Long Thanh Airport project, smaller provinces have proposed upgrades to and construction of more international airports in their areas as well.


A Saigon Hospital Just Added Scooter Ambulances for Hẻm Emergencies

Will the new initiative help improve the survival rate of patients in Saigon?


[Photos] A Visit to Da Nang's New Cutting-Edge Coffee Roaster

The Da Nang coffee roaster and shop epitomizes Vietnam’s craft coffee culture.


5.4m Mobile World Customers Could Be Affected by Alleged Data Hack

A data leak involving electronic retail chain The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World) has cast doubt over the way the local company handles customer info.


VinFast to Launch New Electronic Scooter Called 'Klara' This Month

VinFast will start selling its new motorcycle model from November 20.


42m Vietnamese Use Facebook Daily, Among Highest Rates in Southeast Asia

Amongst its many existing users, companies and government entities are increasingly turning to the platform.


More Than Just an Identity, Saigon's Modernist Architecture Reflects Past Optimism for a New Era

The last 30 years have seen unprecedented economic development in Ho Chi Minh City. Since Doi Moi relaxed foreign investment laws back in 1986, the city has welcomed change with open arms and increasingly asserted its status on the international stage.


[Photos] Inside Hue's Award-Winning Dormitory for Students in Need

A quiet courtyard, accentuated by a lone plumeria tree; rows of rooms in wood texture; walls of lattice that dot the interior with mesmerizing patterns every time the sun comes up: welcome to Betania.

The Betania project is a residential complex for university students in need in Hue. Designed by Switzerland-based architecture firm Atelier Objectifs, the building is a prime example of how contemporary and green design trends could come together for the greater good by providing an accommodation that’s both homey and modern.

According to ArchDaily, the house was completed in 2017 on an L-shaped lot spanning 2,370 square meters. At the center of the residential quarter are two courtyards, one open and one sheltered. A series of bedrooms — enough for 78 female students — surround the open space, covering the three floors. Residents can just step outside their unit into the corridor facing the courtyard for some fresh air and natural light.

On the other side of L shape lie a low-budget restaurant and a library that act as common space for studying, socializing and other leisure activities.


[Photos] D7 Is Getting a Luxury Apartment Complex and Gigantic Egg-Shaped Restaurant

Marina Club House Restaurant is a part of the Evergreen Residential Complex project in District 7.