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Saigon Postcard No. 19: Learning to Swim

Folk wisdom offers a unique way to achieve aquatic efficiency. 

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With Debut Album 'Họa Âm Xưa,' Saigon Soul Revival Brings Back Old-School Cool

From covers of old songs from the 1960s and 70s, Saigon Soul Revival now presents their own original music in an exciting debut album, a continuation both in spirit and execution of the silvery vein of nostalgia dominating Vietnamese music in recent years.

in Environment

E-Waste: How the Ghosts of iPhones Past Haunt Vietnam's Low-Income Communities

The current e-waste crisis in Vietnam is one example of global environmental apartheid.

in Street Food

Hẻm Gems: The 'Stink' of Bún Mắm Nêm Is My Childhood Aroma

Every time I depart from Vietnam to study abroad or travel, on the way to Tan Son Nhat International Airport I stop by the Bau Cat area in Tan Binh to stuff myself with at least two bowls of bún mắm nêm heo quay.

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6 Vietnamese TV Classics That Should Be on Netflix Instead of 'Hậu Duệ Mặt Trời'

Gone were the days of timing one’s bathroom dash exactly during commercial breaks and gathering around a neighbor’s old television set, the only one in the entire alley, to relish every minute of a hot soap opera.

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Not Just a Drink: As Vietnam's Coffee Scene Matures, It's Also Getting More Serious

If motorbikes are the choice mode of transportation in Saigon, coffee has got to be the choice stimulant and legal addiction. 

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In 'Ba Lan,' a Photographer Maps the Diverse Identities of Poland's Vietnamese Diaspora

Poland is a largely mono-ethnic country with a negative immigration rate and has one of the lowest rates of foreigners in the European Union. Even migration specialists are often shocked to hear about the substantial community of Vietnamese people who reside in Poland.

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District 105 Leads Saigon's Metal Scene Into a Bright, Loud Future

"You don't listen to music like this usually, right?" Huynh Hoang Huy asks before he and his bandmates rip into another hard-driving song from their catalogue.


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Japanese Anthology Film 'Angel Sign' Adapts 2 Comics by Vietnamese Manga Artists

A new cinematic anthology by Japanese author Tsukasa Hojo will feature storylines by two Vietnamese manga artists.

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Saigon to Hold Nightly Music, Light Shows on Nguyen Hue Walking Street

To add to the hustle and bustle of downtown Saigon, a new water spectacle was recently announced.

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[Photos] Cruising Across Vietnam on the North-South Train in 1920

It appears train travel in Vietnam has changed very little in the past 100 years.

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[Video] Nas Daily Is in Vietnam to Remind Us Why We're Happy

If you’re not content with your life right now, fret not, for travel video blogger Nas Daily is here in the flesh to remind you why Vietnam is a deliriously happy country.

in Film & TV

HBO Film on Vietnamese Cuisine Pulled From Schedule Over Racy Sex Scenes

A Vietnam-themed HBO Original feature was recently pulled off air, shocking local fans who were looking forward to seeing local culinary creations in an international project.

in Postcards

Saigon Postcard No. 19: Learning to Swim

Folk wisdom offers a unique way to achieve aquatic efficiency. 

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JICA Suggests Urban Railway Could Help Reduce Air Pollution in Saigon, Hanoi

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is helping authorities to develop a measuring, reporting and verification system for Vietnam’s urban railway systems.

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