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[Photos] Morning Over the Fish Markets and Salt Fields of Phan Rang

I live in Da Lat, so the most direct route to the coast brings me to Phan Rang, which is where I often go for the beach and seafood.   

The photographs in this collection were taken over a number of days in March 2019. The fish market, Cho Ca Dam Nai, is located along the Dam Nai inlet, between the two bridges that take you north out of the city.

It is a lively, friendly place to buy all sorts of fish and seafood. It has one of the most diverse arrays of fish that I have come across in Vietnam, as well as the area's delicious large shrimp and shellfish. I've captured only a portion of this diversity in these photos. 

There is also a busy stand where workers will pack your purchases in ice and styrofoam coolers to take home. While many of the fishing boats are large enough for multi-day trips, there are some small boats and a handful of coracle fisherman going out from Ninh Chu Beach. Included are two photographs taken soon after sunrise along this beach.

The area around Phan Rang has one of the driest climates in Vietnam, which is reflected in the vegetation, and may also be the reason for the sea salt operations along Route 702 a few kilometers outside of town. I find the contrasts of the landscape, the salt and workers visually arresting.

Sunrise in Phan Rang.

A worker pushes a wheelbarrow full of salt.

Dam Nai fish market.

A vendor selling the day's fresh catches.

An assortment of squid for sale.

Having some fun at the market.

A typical market scene.

A vendor's child posing on a sea wall.

A seafood vendor pauses to pose.

A vendor watches over her wares.

An elderly seafood vendor.

A vendor chats amid the morning bustle.

Early morning on the coast.

A fisherman returns to shore in a coracle.

Eric Hundert is a photographer who divides his time between Da Lat and Livingstone Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. More of his work can be found here.

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