Hẻm Gems: The Unapologetic Simplicity of Ben Thanh's Bun Rieu Ganh

Working in the middle of a market that houses a plethora of food collectives can be a double-edged sword. It's convenien...

Tuan Chau Group Wants to Build Massive 'Mega Resort' in Vung Tau

The proposed Vung Tau Marina City will include an amusement park, movie theater, performance center, high-end apartments...

A Brief History of Hanoi's Iconic Bia Hơi Tumbler

Hanoi’s iconic bia hơi tumbler is more than meets the eye.

Vietnam, UN Collaborate to Build Storm-Proof Houses in Coastal Provinces

300 free houses are expected to be built by the end of this year.

Saigon's Landmark 81 to Finish in 2018, Becoming Vietnam's Tallest Skyscraper

Vietnam’s construction industry is reaching new heights with the skyscraper project Landmark 81.

Event Photos

Third Thursday @ Lush

Third Thursday @ Lush

Special guest DJ Frank Jez had the main room thumping for this months Third Thursday event!

Ladies Night @ Lush

Ladies Night @ Lush

The hottest Ladies Night of Saigon happens each and every Tuesday at Lush.

Saturday Night @ Lush

Saturday Night @ Lush

Saturday Night was jam packed and pumping!