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Despite Vietnam’s many successes in responding to the current global pandemic, the resulting economic slump has left many with significant challenges. Saigoneer is no exception.

Saigoneer’s content has and always will be available for free, but these trying times have led us to request your assistance in making sure we can continue to bring the world unique stories from Vietnam that would otherwise go overlooked.

We’ve come a long way over the last seven years, featuring quirky illustrations, deep-dives into Vietnamese history and nuanced cultural observations read by millions around the world.

If you have enjoyed our work and believe that Saigoneer’s voice is an important one to have, please consider supporting us. Pledge any amount you’re comfortable with in the form of a one-time or recurring donation so we can continue bringing you the stories you love to read.

You can make your donation securely below and pay via Paypal or credit card. Recurring donations can be canceled at any time.

Thank you for your readership during these past years. We will overcome this difficult time together.